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Reasons for Replacing Traditional Boards with Magnetic Glass Boards in the Educational Centers


Boards have been used in schools for a long time now both for teaching purposes as well as for posting notes for students to see. Also, in the business world, companies use boards in their offices to analyze data, write down important key points, and brainstorm essential issues. The home is also a place where the use of boards is becoming vital as parents use small-sized boards for their children to practice, learn, and study at home. Some mothers even have boards in their kitchens where they jot down recipe steps and menus.

As important as the use of the board is in virtually every aspect of human lives, the creation of these boards has also advanced over time. For a long time, the traditional whiteboards have been in play, and it is still the most used by a large chunk of people all over the world. The traditional whiteboard is a dry erase board, which is made with Melamine for the Non-Magnetic type and Porcelain or Painted Steel for the Magnetic board type. This board, which is obviously white, permits the use of several marker colors on it and it is easy to clean once the marker is dry. This board comes in different sizes and it is very popular.

Reasons to Replace Magnetic Glass Boards 

However, the trend is beginning to change. The market is now introducing a sleek and trendy alternative to the traditional board, in the form of a magnetic glass board. The magnetic dry glass erase board stands out of the pack in every form. It is made of tempered glass, a rare earth metal, and thick steel in the right proportions. This glass board can come in different sizes and colors depending on the function and preference of whoever wants it.

The traditional board is good, but why settle for just good when there is an even better option that is readily available in the market. The following reasons explain why you should consider replacing your traditional board with the trendy glass magnetic board:

  • Modern Look of Magnetic Glass Boards

Magnetic glass boards are stylish and classic. The tempered glass makes it look transparent and helps to blend easily to any wall. The sleekness of the board also comes from the fact that it can come in different colors and sizes. This invariably means that it serves many uses that are far beyond just the writing function; it can also serve as an office or a room décor by creatively placing different colors and dimensions on your wall.

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  • Multi-functionality:

The magnetic glass dry erase board is very easy to clean as it neither stains nor ghosts. It also has a strong magnetic function, which makes it usable just anywhere. Homes, offices, worksites, classrooms, even individuals can get this magnetic glass marker board as it can be used for various functions. From teaching, informing to also decorating homes and offices, the glass board has got all the capacity to undertake varieties of tasks.

  • The Durability:

The glass magnetic whiteboard is stronger than you know. Contrary to the opinions of many that this board can easily break, the glass board is made of tempered glass, which makes it very durable. Apart from this, the standoffs that hold the board into place are also made of strong materials; hence, they are easy to install as they will not break or fall easily.

Magnetic glass boards also last longer than traditional boards. They do not crack or break, and they can last for many years as long as they are handled carefully.

  • Safety 

You can pin papers and notes on the traditional board, yes, but many times lots of us have sustained punctures from the pins while pinning the notes to the surface. That is not all, these pins can also fall off at any time, and anyone can accidentally step on them and sustain injuries and infections. This is not the case with magnetic glass markers because you do not need a pin to tack notes and documents on the board. The magnetic property of the board makes your notes pin down properly. There is also no fear of being punctured or children swallowing pins from the board.

  • Ease of Customization

You can easily customize a glass board to whatever you want. You can arrange your to-do list, reminders, assignments, or questions easily on it. Also, for those in the design world, the different colors of the board can be used to depict different signs when placed in order of priority.

In conclusion, although the price of the magnetic glass board is a bit more than that of the traditional board, it is still worth it because of the reasons mentioned above. No one wants to settle for less, and you can buy a magnetic glass board to witness these advantages for yourself.

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