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Reason Why Videos Are A Great Lead Generation Tool And How Can Kennected Help With Video Marketing

One of the main components of any business is lead generation. However big of a company you are, without lead generation, your business will get stagnant. With a proper lead generation campaign, a company will build visibility, trust, and interest from the targeted market.  It is crucial for bringing traffic from the targeted prospects who have the potential to become high-value leads. Only with high-value leads, a company can generate high-value customers.

Customers are the soul of every business. Therefore, you need to come up with marketing campaigns that will attract customers and pique their interest. But with globalization that led to increased competition, consumers are flooded with choices. Therefore you need to level up your marketing strategy to stand out and gauge the attention of the audience.

Since audiences are given many options, they are quick to judge and make decisions. It will only take them five seconds to judge you and make a decision whether to associate with you or not. If you are not able to pique their interest in these five seconds, you are out of the game.

One of the best tools to intrigue audiences is video marketing. The basic idea behind video marketing is to find leads and make them aware of your brand and other updates about your business.  Video can make an in-depth impact on your prospects if employed in the right way. But instead of sending a normal video, sharing a personalized video can be extremely impactful. And Kennected can help you level up your video marketing campaign with its personalized videos.

Now, let us look at why videos are a great lead generation tool and how Kennected can accelerate Video marketing campaigns.

Videos are attractive and engaging

In a world where people are constantly searching for ways to entertain themselves, what can be a better way to catch their attention than Videos? Compared to boring text messages and emails, visuals attract the audience’s eyes. They are more captivating and hence there is less chance for them to get marked as spam or being ignored by the potential leads.

Videos are attractive and engaging

With Kennected, you can make customized videos that will pique the interest of the audience. Further, you can make them extremely attractive by using the video landing page. You can make ready-to-use designs or custom-created pages to make appealing videos. The goal of video marketing is to attract and start a conversation with your leads. That is exactly what Kennected will help you achieve with their personalized videos.

Also, Kennected videos allow you to use call-to-buttons. These customized buttons will prompt the prospects to engage with the video, which will help in boosting your sales.

Videos are highly impactful

Imagine if images can create a lot of emotions in the audience, then how impactful can videos be? One advantage of video is that it can deliver a lot of information without tiring its audience. Compared to written content, videos can provide all the details in a short period, enabling the audience to grasp information quickly.

Kennected videos will allow you to create highly engaging videos. It has got a lot of impressive features. You can merge multiple videos, trim the current video, and record the screen. Use the feature in such a way that they will effectively deliver your message. With easy-to-read captions, you can state your message more clearly and loudly. Thus, Kennected videos will allow the users to create videos that will cut through the noise.

 It also enables you to craft evergreen videos that can be used again and again. You can trim, merge, and edit existing videos to make more impactful pitches. And with a call to action button, you can prompt the leads and seal the deal.

Videos are highly impactful

Videos can build your brand

Videos are the best way to boost your brand’s visibility. It will help in showing off its personality and set you different from your competitors. You can make behind the scene videos or introduce some of your teams through the videos to show them how your business operates. This will help in connecting with the targeted audience and building rapport with them.

Through Kennected’s customizable media player, you can build your brand. By controlling the colors and designs, you can make videos that stay on-brand.

Videos can build visibility

One other benefit of video marketing is that you can connect with your prospects from anywhere and still make an impact on them. With Kennected, you can send the video through emails, text, or CRM. You can also share the video messages through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Kennected lets you connect with a vast number of people through various channels, thus optimizing your outreach campaign and building visibility.

Improve your outreach campaign with Kennected videos

For the success of any outreach campaign, you need to study its impact and check whether they are engaging enough. This is exactly what Kennected does.

Kennected videos report the number of times people watched your video, thus helping you to analyze the engagement of the video. If it is not engaging enough, you can understand that some changes are to be made.

Video is a great way to attract, connect and build relationships with your potential leads. It will build visibility, and brand awareness, and can give out impactful messages. But with Kennected’s personalized videos, you can strengthen the visibility and accelerate the impact of your video marketing campaign.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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