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How to Raise Money for a Charity Online

Crowdfunding. That’s the answer to the question. If you want to raise money for your favorite charity online, leading charity partners say that crowdfunding is the way to go. It has become one of the main ways to raise money on the internet in the past few years. Sites like GoFundMe and others are meant for everyone to use, whether for personal funding or otherwise. Others have been created specifically for charities. Non-profits can easily be funded using the money raised on these sites. If you want to raise money for a non-profit, whether or not it is your own, here’s how to choose a crowdfunding site to do it on. Also get to know the best charities in Australia that can help you raise money for good cause.

Money for a Charity Online

Figure Out Whether Your Donors Will Like the Page

Getting people to donate money is harder than pulling teeth with rusty pliers. One of the best ways to push them towards donating is to create a page worth visiting. Most crowdfunding sites have default pages that the details of your fundraiser will be displayed on. For the most part, you can’t change the layout of these pages. When you’re choosing a site to raise the money on, ask yourself this question. Will the people visiting the page like what they see? Is the page appealing at all, or would you be better off asking for donations on a different page? Some sites don’t allow videos, others do. Some require pictures, while others don’t.

Don’t Be Too Over-the-top

The problem with many charities is that they try to play on the heartstrings of people. This may not sound like a bad thing. It is when the charity goes overboard with how they do this. For example, if you’re raising money for a charity that is fighting to restore clean water to underdeveloped countries or helping homeless people, that’s great! Just don’t flood your page with images of dehydrated or homeless people. Forcing your donors to see images that can sicken them and not provide any context for these images is detrimental to your fundraising efforts. Dial your efforts down a little so that you are making it more like a well-structured call for aid. You can provide some verified statistical data such as why has homelessness increased over time.

Clearly Define Your Goals and Methods

This is another mistake many charities make. “Join us and give a dollar for the fight against child slavery.” That’s what the websites say in bold letters. What follows is a lot of fluff about slavery and how it is a terrible thing. The thing is, you need to tell your donors exactly what you plan on doing with their money. They don’t want to know your end goals so much as they want to know how you plan on using their donations to get there. Specify on your page what you plan on doing as each fundraising milestone is reached.

Giving donors a reason to donate to your charity is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. You need to stop trying to sicken or shock them into opening their hearts to you. Be clear, logical, and professional in your call for help. Give them a cause to fight for that has hope, however small that hope is.

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