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Put The Book You Read And Live!

Put The Book You Read And Live!When a book is successful, we say that they truly live! The technology comes along and actually makes this metaphor.

This book, created by researchers at MIT University in the U.S., is not like any other, but is disconnected from the pages of science fiction.

“Worn” in the body of the reader and allows him to feel more of literally feelings of the protagonists of the plot. Reader wears a special vest,

which contains electronic sensors and other electronic components and which is connected with a book “augmented reality” holding in his hands. As evolving plot of the book, this in collaboration with the vest-creates a series of artificial experiences (periodical changes in temperature, vibration on the body, causing light and sounds, etc.), carrying the reader senses associated with this reading, so it gets better in the “climate” of the book.

Such changes are not made at random, but vary depending on the content of the page that reads the user-reader. The book changed artificially up and pace the heartbeat of the reader – the right moment of emotional climax. Still, the attached vest features 150 LED lights that increase or reduce the lighting around the reader, and small air bags that occasionally pushing his body to create the necessary mental and physical pressure – when required by the scenario technique called “sensory imagination “(according to “science fiction”) was developed by researchers Felix Chaimpek, Alexis Hope and cymbal Lega multimedia lab at MIT, according to the British “Guardian” and “Telegraph”. “Sensory imagination concerning new ways to experience and creating stories, “the researchers said, and added that” traditional literature creates and causes feelings and empathy through words and images.

Using a combination of interconnected sensors and actuators, the author of sensory imagination now features new tools to convey to readers the plot, mood and emotions, while always leaves space to the imagination of the reader. These new tools can be used appropriately to create a narrative experience that completely absorbs the reader and adapted to measure. It is doubtful, however, how would “welcome” writers and readers of such a

reading technology in the future. Undoubtedly, some will not at all thrilled with the “manipulation” of the reading experience. Others, again, will probably appreciate the “enrichment” of reading-and-fantasy through their senses.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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