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PUBG Guide: Tips and Tricks for Battlegrounds Wins

If you are a gamer, we don’t need to tell you what PUBG is. This game has rocked the online gaming world ever since its release. Platform-free and dynamic, PUBG is now every gamer’s love.

Tips and Tricks for Battlegrounds Wins

As the gameplay of PUBG is simpler as compared to other battle royale games, ranking up is difficult. But it’s not impossible. Use these PUBG hacks and tips to elevate your gameplay. 

Heal when free

PUBG gives many heal cans to revive your health. But, you will be inactive for a few seconds when you heal yourself. Hence, you must be wise in choosing when and where to heal. As you play more games, you will intuitively get better at it.

As a rule of thumb, do not heal yourself while you are exposed. Doing this will make you visible to every team and can lead to your death. Heal yourself whenever you are not in the battle. But remember to heal before starting a battle for better winning chances.

What if your health goes down during a battle? You can hide behind something and heal yourself. It serves two purposes. Firstly, you will regain your health, and secondly, you can change your direction of attack. 

Bushes can surprise you

Bushes are the underrated commodity in PUBG gameplay. They provide you with the perfect cover from enemies and lets you survive tough battles.

Bushes, at times, give you more option to survive than buildings. As a common strategy, players hide in a building and control its entrance. But, this strategy can backfire. If a team has spotted you in the building, it can wait for you to come out and then attack you.

Bushes provide you with a lot more escaping routes if you get caught. Also, most players do not anticipate a person in bushes, giving you a chance to catch some enemies off-guard. Using bushes to your advantage can upgrade your game quickly. 

Every map has its flavor

PUBG has many maps to play. With time, the developers have added more maps. As a pro player, you must know every map of PUBG. Knowing maps helps you in surviving the game for a long time.

Not all PUBG maps have the same area. Some maps are very small while others are huge. Knowing the area of the map gives you a clearer idea of what strategy to follow. In bigger maps, you can take your time as the game will be longer. In smaller ones, the games are short, and you have to be on your toes to handle any attack.

Some maps have some secret routes to commute. Knowing the maps inside out gives you access to those routes. This means that you can attack or defend well. If you are short on health, these routes are a great way to get some time in the game. 

Level 3 is the way

PUBG has many types of equipment that have levels. Knowing what level is best for what equipment is essential to make the best use of it.

Helmets are the best examples of using levels as a priority. The helmet comes in three levels. Using a level one or level two helmet can do only little in stopping the damage. If you get a level-one or level-two helmet, always search for level three. Level three helmets are the best way to evade the damage.

The same concept applies to backpacks. The better the level of the backpack, the more items you can hold. It is wise to go for a level three backpack. It allows you to hold maximum items that are essential to winning battles.  So always look for the highest level of equipment available and try to secure it however possible. 


Following the given tips and tricks will help you in your journey to becoming an excellent PUBG player. Within no time, you’ll start winning more and more games. If you have other PUBG tips and tricks for winning battleground, make sure you comment them down below for us.

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