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Power is a Prime Key: How Your Power Supply can Change Your Gaming Experience

The power supply on your PC is one of the last things you think about when it comes to improving performance. That is a rookie mistake though, your power supply is an integral part of running your games at the highest level. Having the best power supply for PC gamers means that your games will look and run better than ever. Why is that though?

best power supply for PC gamers

The Best Hardware Needs More Power 

If you want to run the best games at the highest settings then it’s just a fact that you need the best hardware. You’re going to need a large amount of RAM. You’re going to need a top level graphics card. Your CPU needs to be as fast as can be. Your GPU needs to be on another level. All of these high quality pieces of hardware need increased amounts of power to run efficiently. If you want to run your games smoothly and quickly then your power supply is the key to making sure you can.


Modern graphics are improving at a rate never before seen. This has lead to a huge jump in graphics cards and GPUs. The drain on the power system from these two facets of hardware means that if you don’t have a high output power supply your graphics card and GPU will not run at their full capacity. This means that even though your graphics card and GPU may be able to handle games at their highest settings they won’t be getting enough power to actually handle it.


Running a game at the highest settings tends to mean that there are a lot more things on screen at once. This means that the instructions being passed to the CPU will increase the higher the settings. With this increase in instructions to deal with the power drain from the CPU will increase. Without a power supply that can deal with this increase in power requirements the CPU will not perform to its full potential.


This is the most important aspect of getting the most out of your gaming PC. When you overclock your hardware it creates a serious drain on your power. You need to ensure that your power supply has enough spare power to deal with the extra performance that you’re getting from your hardware. If you don’t you run the risk of not being able to handle the spikes in power during peak performance moments. If your power supply can’t handle the peak performance moments then you won’t be able to squeeze any extra from your CPU or GPU.


If you want to run your games with a fast, smooth framerate and at the highest quality graphics then a good quality power supply is a necessity. It will allow you to experience your games the way they were meant to be played. Without a power supply that caters to your needs, none of your hardware will work as well as it should. Without that hardware, your games will never hit the heights that you deserve.

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