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Playster and the Universal Entertainment Platform

Playster and the Universal Entertainment Platform

There are numerous streaming services available right now that can bring you your fix of music, movies, books and all other forms of entertainment. However, they are all competing in their own respective brackets. What does that mean? It means that music streaming services exclusively deal with music, audiobook services work only with audiobooks and so on. Playster, on the other hand, is trying out a different approach. Unlike other streaming services, Playster is offering all forms of entertainment in one platform. We recently gave Playster a try — here’s what we found.

Types of Content

Open the app and you will be able to stream music, books, audiobooks, movies and games. Yes, it’s all there. The fact that Playster delivers such a versatile collection of content allows it to reach and cater to more consumer branches. The way the subscription works is that members pay a flat monthly fee and in return they gain unlimited access to Playster’s complete catalog, which contains all of the abovementioned media types. If you ask us, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Availability and Accessibility

Playster is aiming to provide a well-rounded service tailored to today’s consumer habits and preferences. Obviously, you can access the service from your computer via the Playster web page, but there are other options as well. Playster is available for download in both Apple’s iOS App Store and in Google’s Play Store. Its presence on the mobile app market implies that it wants to offer its users access to the service regardless of where they are or where they need to go. The mobile app on both operating systems offers a more compact view of the interface than the desktop version, which allows members to easily navigate, explore, find and stream the entertainment they are looking for.

Payment Plans

In addition to its all-inclusive plan, which includes unlimited access to all media types and costs a mere $24.95 per month, Playster is also catering to entertainment buffs who would prefer to pick and choose the media types they use.

If you’re interested in books and audiobooks, for example, you can get the bibliophile subscription, which costs just $9.95 per month. If you only want to have access to music, that’s an option as well. The same goes for all the other categories and get this: a movie sub costs $3.95 and a game one is $4.95.

Free Trial

Playster offers a free 30-day trial to all new users to help them see first-hand if they could benefit from using this service. What’s really great is that the free trial is not limited in any way and includes access to all content and all features. If you’re looking to become more familiar with the service, learn about its content or just get an overall feel for what it’s all about, you should be able to achieve this within the 30-day trial window before starting your paid subscription.

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