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Overwatch – PC vs. Console

To decide where to play a game could be a tricky situation for many. PCs and Consoles have certain advantages over the other that make the final verdict a real challenge. If you can’t decide what to get your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, simply click here for the safest bet. But, gamers usually prefer to play on PC; this is because graphics and processors can be easily swapped for the latest upgrades. However, many games claim that playing overwatch on PS4 could be a lot more enjoyable.

Overwatch – PC vs. Console

Yet today, this is still a debate. It really depends on the player and their preference. But, it’s always better to make an informed decision about where to play as games made for PCs and Console are quite different from one another. Therefore, the whole gaming experience is different too.

Overwatch on PC

The PC version of Overwatch can be a lot more hostile and competitive, especially if you are new to the game. The keyboard on your PC avails more active scenes so that you can keep your character active and play longer. On the flipside, it is a lot more relaxing and comfortable to play on a Console as you do not have to battle it out at all your turns. On a console, you get used to the location even before the game starts and the scenes are not as intense. However, Ow on PC has a lot more under the hood.

Ow on PC has more heroes to choose from and can be made to play in several forms. Aside from that, learning how to play the game on PC is really exciting. It brings a whole new world of engaging content so that you never lose excitement. Ow is a very face-paced bet and playing this on PC will bring out the action as soon as you are ready to fight. You can’t really be prepared for impending events but character can be better controlled on PC for a faster reflex. 

Overwatch on Console

The game is very different from the PC version. The PC version offers very colorful interplay but the Console version of the game is only limited to the fully used controller. Character response and style of play also had to be altered to be a lot more playable. You will however, won’t notice such changes if you have already played Ow on a PC.

Another critical fact about Ow for Consoles is that the characters are tailored in comparison to the PC version, so that they become more playable and easier to control. It’s crazy how you will never notice the difference, unless you compare the gameplay on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox side-by-side.

Final Thoughts

After real life comparison, it’s not debatable that Ow on PC will give a better gaming experience compared to a Console. When you decide which platform to play on, there are two key points you must consider. You have to decide where you are most comfortable playing and the other is whether you are playing in a group. Gamers usually stick to a console when they play as a group since they use the same device for other shooting games. This is to prevent difference in reaction time.

PCs will always have the edge in terms of graphics and processing speed but a Console will give you a better gaming experience in terms of team play and gaming without any hiccups; since they are dedicated to intense gaming purpose only.

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