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Open Source The Way Forward For Beleaguered Database Managers

Data makes the modern business world go round, and the sheer volumes of it available to businesses is causing a serious headache for database managers. According to Forbes, 83% of data managers in businesses find their data confusing, with limited ability to manipulate and analyze data in a timely fashion. One reason for this is outdated proprietary database suites that don’t offer the power and flexibility to make a difference. With that in mind, open source software is leading businesses into a new and brighter era of data management.

Beleaguered Database Managers

Providing flexible logs

Logging data is crucial for cybersecurity and data assurance. As Deloitte analysis highlights, this is one of the reasons why cyber risk is so enhanced by the Internet of Things; new access points attract attackers who will take data and delete records to hide their tracks. Open source database management packages such as MariaDB tackle that with advanced but flexible logging functions via MariaDB logs. This offers businesses total control and accountability over their data logs and ensures active protection from cyber threats.

Diversity of contributions

Open source databases also have a far greater talent pool to pull upon in providing advice and creating real solutions for developers. The Register highlights in particular Postgres, one of the oldest and most popular database tools around. One of its big advantages has been the diversity of contributions it attracts; talent is pooled and shared online, rather than being locked behind proprietary-owned paywalls and third party services.

Freedom of scale

The Register also highlights the fact that open source solutions work at most scales. Proprietary and enterprise databases are specifically designed for a host size or number of clients and data points. Open source software applies itself to any background, as long as the developer has the talent and experience to develop within it. This, in itself, is also a driver for open source software. It attracts talent and then, with authority given to help manipulate the data and work with it as an in-house product, retains it, too. This is a huge factor for businesses – retaining talent.

Open source software isn’t only a low-cost solution to business capability. It’s a living, breathing way to work, and it helps to attract and develop the best talent. Don’t take it for granted – the biggest industry players certainly haven’t.

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