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Ola TV Alternative

Ola TV has been a popular app in the current market because it offers plenty of features for free. There are plenty of apps available, which are similar to Ola TV and Thoptv app due to increasing demand. It is widely suggested for users to consider exploring a variety of apps in order to enjoy the maximum amount of features without compromising on the quality and cost in an effective way. The apps are attracting a lot of new users by adding and improvising video quality and other features.

Ola TV Alternative

Why Use Apps to watch TV and Movies

It is a known fact that most of the commercial service providers charge a hefty amount for every channel watching on the TV. It is important for users to consider a free option because it helps in saving a lot of money. ThopTV is one of the fabulous apps, which enables a clean and friendly interface because it helps in switching channels. It is highly recommended for people to consider using a quality set of apps in order to watch live TV, shows, videos and Movies because it helps in saving data and avoids legal hassles to a major extent.

Top 10 Ola TV Alternatives


There are plenty of movies and TV shows, which have attracted a lot of people in the current generation. It is a fact that people prefer watching movies and TV series apart from live TV because of various reasons. ThopTV provides an option for users to switch from viewing live TV to watch movies and TV series without ads.

The thop TV provides a user-friendly interface for users to enjoy shuffling content in order to enjoy the best set of movies and TV series from time to time. As the app is available for free of cost, it is evident that users prefer visiting the website on a regular basis to access content in an effective way.


The reputation of the app is one of the important factors to consider while downloading an app because of obvious reasons. It is necessary to evaluate the app in terms of security because it plays a vital role to secure credentials. Crackle is the safest app in the market, which is active for a long span of time providing quality services.

The app has a reputation for adding content and TV channels to the menu on a regular basis. As there will be a fresh set of contents available for users regularly, it is evident that people prefer visiting the app on a daily basis. Loads of content in movies and TV series have gained a lot of attention because it helps users to watch multiple entertainment options under the same roof.

Tea TV

Tea TV has gained a lot of attraction from different parts of the world because of its friendly features. It is evident that most of the apps on the list are banned by Google Play store due to various reasons. It is important to follow the right process while installation because it allows people to enjoy access seamlessly. Tea TV offers an easy installation process with limited options to visit the home screen, which helps in saving a lot of time and energy setting up the app on the phone.

The app is available to download for free of cost through 3rd party websites. The installation process takes less time, which lets people enjoy the app almost instantly.


YouTube is one of the widely used apps in the market because of plenty of reasons. YouTube is designed and managed by Google, which gives enough reputation for users to enjoy on a regular basis. The app is well developed and offers multiple options for people to switch from one video to another video.

There are plenty of videos and movies available in the app, which can be viewed for free of cost. There are some contents, which are available at a certain cost, but the same can be ignored if you are looking for free content. The app Support HD quality while watching movies and TV shows which play a vital role for users to switch from one format to another format to save internet data in an effective way.

Genius Stream

Genius stream is exclusively developed for Android users and the app is not available for iOS users. The app comes up with more than a couple of additional features to compete in the current market with high players. The app allows users to enjoy multiple user access, which helps people to share with friends and family in an effective way.

There are no subscription charges required for the app to install, which lets users take maximum mileage of the app. The app is used by people from different parts of the world because it offers channels of different origins. The app streams more sports channels of more than 10 countries in different languages, which lets users watch content under one roof.

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is a popular app, which has tons and tons of subscribers visiting the app on a daily basis. It is necessary to check and understand charges and features about the app well in advance because it plays a vital role to save time while using a live TV streaming app from time to time.

Titanium TV app charges no money to the user and no membership registration required for the user to watch the content. As there is enough transparency over the content without providing personal details, it is evident that people find it safe to use the app on a regular basis.

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