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Latest EdTech Advancements With Screen Recording For Teachers And Students

Teaching with the help of visuals has always been considered a much better and effective mode of learning. Simply listening to lectures and audio lessons can get monotonous and difficult to understand. But with videos, even the most complicated concepts can be easily conveyed and quickly.

Latest EdTech Advancements With Screen Recording For Teachers And Students

As technology is rapidly advancing the concepts of e-learning are also undergoing major changes. Today most of the teachers and students are preferring screen recording software in their e-learning methods.

Let us find out some of the most interesting applications of an HD screen recorder in education.

  1. Online classrooms

With the trend of virtual classes and tutorials in full swing, distance learning is no longer what it used to be earlier. Remote learning is now more flexible and effective than ever before! Even after being located thousands of miles away in a different continent, teachers can prepare lessons quickly using a screen recorder. This is especially beneficial because they can share those lessons with the students do not have to wait or get delayed in their course curriculum. Video lessons created using screen recorder can be conveniently published right on time, and easily accessed by overseas students.

  1. Screencasts

We all are familiar with the concept of audio podcasts and how effectively they serve the purpose of education. But with the easy availability of HD screen recorders, more and more teachers are shifting focus towards screencasts. They are trying to augment tutorials and online classes with video screencasts so that pupils can grab the concepts and understand better. Going the extra mile, many educators are also attempting to integrate audio podcasts with screencasts, to deliver a comprehensive learning experience.

  1. Course creation

Presentations are widely used for courseware creation in schools and colleges. But nowadays, many conventional presentation applications are found to be ineffective, given the changes in modern educational needs. A screen recording software comes in handy for creating courseware material for students. Teachers can include animations, narration and edit recorded videos easily, and also play them without any specialized software. This fantastic adaptability that screen recorders provide is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

  1. Interactive learning

Not just in higher education, but screen recording technology is brilliantly used for educating smaller kids as well. Children are always more attracted to vivid videos and catchy animations rather than textbooks. And with screen recording software, this is easily done! Primary school teachers can record their screens and edit them to include interactive snippets that encourage children’s feedback. Kids feel more eager to interact and participate in classroom discussions which thereby help teachers in assessing their students better. So all in all, interactive learning can also be boosted using a screen recorder.

A screen recorder has become an amazing mode of communication between teachers and students. And with more time, we shall be able to see how it further enriches e-learning and knowledge sharing for the betterment of education.

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