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Nora Lighting’s Recessed Lights Could Be What You Have Been Looking For

Storming the lighting industry since over 20 years ago, Nora lighting has been one of the top-selling suppliers of light fixtures designed by engineering and designing experts. To date, Nora lighting specializes at making modern yet reliable lighting edges to commercial and residential markets, with recessed lights as one of their best offerings.

Nora Lightings

The Promising Recessed Lights from Nora Lighting

What are recessed lights?

Also referred to as a downlight, a recessed light is a light, metal fixture that is to be installed into a hollow opening above the ceiling line. The purpose of this is to emit a visually cozy light that shines out from the hole aiming downwards like in broad floodlight or spotlight.

A recessed light comes in three parts: the housing which includes:

  1. a lamp holder that has to be inserted into the ceiling;
  2. a trim, or that thin lining surrounding the edge of the housing which a person can notice when he looks up;
  3. and, the bulb which has to be inserted into the recessed lighting fixture.

Recessed light installation is a lot more complex compared to installing regular ceiling bulbs and will need extensive ceiling wireworks that include a light-to-light connection. The lights are then to be connected through a single cable. Nora lighting offers recessed lights using different gorgeous bulbs that only vary in terms of the amount of light they emit.

When it comes to versatility, recessed lights from Nora lighting are what a lot of residential and commercial customers most prefer. Their designs are made to enhance down lighting, wall lighting, up lighting, and accent lighting, making them a great option for ambient beautification of commercial and residential spaces. The accent lightings are designed to highlight walls, furniture, fixtures, ceilings, and artwork and can often be seen in hotel, restaurants, and residential establishments.

 Reasons why Nora Lighting’s recessed lights could be what you have been looking for…

You probably have first noticed about Nora Lighting’s recessed lights on social media or other forums for their positive and impressive reviews and now you are at this point of considering. The following reasons will show you that you are about to make the right decision.

  1. Recessed lighting is for the minimalist. They illuminate a room without any “cluttery” feel, as opposed to protruding ceiling lights.
  2. Recessed lights also go well with all types of room, especially for establishments with low ceilings. Unlike traditional bulbs that protrude and hang from the ceiling, making the room look constrained, recessed lights give that illumination without compromising the room’s appeal. Moreover, recessed lights from Nora Lighting are also great for basement areas where ceilings tend to be low. Because the lights are not hung from the ceiling, one no longer has to worry about accidentally bumping their heads into them while walking inside the room.
  3. Recessed lighting is humbly elegant. Unlike traditional hanging bulbs, recessed lights create elegant ambience lighting in a subtle way. They are ideal in highlighting the look of room ceilings without any bulky fixture.
  4. Recessed lighting is stylish. Majority of traditional lighting fixtures have styles and designs that can go old with time. On that note, investing in such fixtures is not a clever move if you will only end up replacing them once they get outdated. Recessed lights, on the other hand, remain in style even after years of usage. They can go well even if your house shifts its look from classic to modern contemporary
  5. Recessed lighting illuminates evenly. Using Nora’s recessed lighting means you will no longer have to use a number of bulbs in different corners or areas of the ceiling since a single light fixture can already illuminate a wider scope. With them, that unwanted dim lighting is easily eradicated or addressed.

Since recessed lights brighten really well, they are also great installed on kitchen ceilings where enough illumination is needed to prepare food. Meanwhile, living rooms also benefit from recessed lights not only in terms of beautification enhancement but also in providing a focused lighting when one is reading a book or a newspaper.

Using Nora Lighting’s Recessed Lights

 Nora lighting’s recessed light fixtures comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors targeting three different potential usages:

  • As a general or ambient lighting, to fully brighten up a cluttered room or space.
  • As a spotlight, to enhance a room’s focal points, e.g. fireplace, piano area, etc.
  • As a wall lighting, to create a beautiful bounce of light into a boring space which cannot be achieved with direct lighting.

Quite a number of people are on debate as to whether or not Nora lighting’s recessed light fixtures should use LED bulbs or not. Although the eco-friendly LED bulbs are edgy in terms of efficiency, durability, safety, and flexibility, experts say they are not a wise option for recessed lighting.

Meanwhile, for recessed light consumers that are not specifically intending to use LED lights, the clear difference they will be benefiting from is the price point since LED is a bit pricier because of the technology used in producing them. As a customer, it is best to carefully weigh the price, lifespan, and necessary maintenance of each option.

Recessed Lights for Home Beautification

Recessed lighting is your best option if you want to beautify your home to an extent. It is a great way to improve your every room’s illumination without any protruding presence. However, to ensure great results, you still have a number of essential factors to consider. This includes checking if the recessed light truly matches your rooms. Now, if you are restoring a room whose floorplans can likely change in the future, using a directional recessed lighting is a wise move. Nonetheless, you can still opt for standard recessed lighting if a flush of light is what you need to achieve a well-lit space.

Nora Lighting’s standard and directional recessed lighting styles produce different tones and beauty but they both emit a better

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