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How to Increase Traffics for Your Blog Easily In 2020

Who does not worry about website traffic! Probably you won’t find anyone like this because website traffic is like fuel of vehicle. If there is no fuel, then vehicle cannot be drive. So, website traffic is like that, if there is no traffic then there will be no meaning of having a website.

Increase Traffics for Your Blog

SO, I want to mention my personal ways to promote your website or blog to gain more visitors.

Here are the steps:

  1. Directory Submission.
  2. Guest Posting.
  3. Round-up Post.

What is Directory Submission?

Directory submit is one of the famous ways to make your brand awareness to the targeted customer. The directory site is a record of the companies in category wise. So, people can easily find companies, what they are looking for. I will help you to rank on the search engine by passing link juice to your site.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a very popular way to promote your website by posting content to other’s blogs. Some webmasters will give you dofollow backlink some will give you nofollow backlink especially if they are high authority sites.

How to connect with bloggers to write guest articles?

Once you have the list with the best blogs to post, you should check if they accept guest authors.

If yes, you must start to make yourself known and stand out among their followers so that they take you into account.

How to do this?

The four most common ways of making yourself known are usually:

  • 1. Subscribe to your newsletter and reply to the emails you send (when standing up to it).
  • 2. Write valuable comments on your latest articles.
  • 3. Share your articles on social networks and name them.
  • 4. Link your articles to your blog.

And the last step is to send him an email with a proposal for guest blogging.

 Round up Post: The total weapon to increase visits to your website

The Round Post is one of the techniques that are in fashion lately.

In large part it is due to the good results that are being achieved thanks to this technique.

Because thanks to the collaborative posts you will be able to get thousands of qualified visits in a really simple way.

And not only that, thanks to this technique you will be able to gain a lot of visibility online, make yourself known among referents you did not know and get more subscribers.

So, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to plan a Round Post strategy.

1. Find the best influencers in your sector

The first thing is to find influencers from your sector, in this case, those bloggers who are more recognized and have more visitors.

For this you must do step by step the same as you have previously done when planning the guest posting strategy.

So, if you’ve done it before, that step you save.

2. Get to know each other

Once you have the list of influencers with whom you want to get in contact, you should start drawing up a whole plan to make noise and make yourself noticed in their feed.

For this, you can carry out the same actions as in the previous case:

  • 1. Comment on your latest articles leaving valuable content and standing up to establish a conversation.
  • 2. Share your content on social networks and mention them.
  • 3. Link your content through your blog.

3. Contact them and show them an attractive collaborative article proposal

Like everything in this life, NO is already in your face, so you don’t lose anything in asking if they want to collaborate on your article.

For this you must send an email that is attractive and personalized enough in which you persuade each of the bloggers to collaborate with you.

More Tips to increase visits to your website or blog

Before concluding this guide, I want to give you a series of recommendations in case you intend to get more visits with your blog.

  1. Create a content strategythat is always focused on your target audience.

There is no use writing for someone who is not your target audience, you will be wasting time and money.

  1. Experiment and measure. Whenever you make a change, take note of the date you made the change and allow a month to pass to check the results.

What works for one person does not have to work for another, so always rely on your own data.

  1. If you are starting your blog try to find long tail keywordswith less competition and look.
  2. Before you start, make sure you have your entire website optimized. For this I recommend that you do an SEO audit before anything else.

And this guide goes this far.

I would like to see you in the comments and tell me what you think about all these techniques to increase web traffic and tell me which one you use

What do you think of these tricks to increase blog visits? Would you add any more technique?


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