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Newbie Guide for CS:GO Trading

Learn all you need to know about trading in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, how to get into it, how to save, and even possibly earn money by doing it. Find some useful tips and tricks to optimize your trading skills if you are just now getting into it.

Newbie Guide for CS
Newbie Guide for CS

What is Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

CS:GO is one of the most popular shooters out there, but beyond the fun gameplay and teamwork, there’s a whole other side to it you might not be familiar with. It deals with the other side of gaming – cosmetic updates, more commonly known as skins.

It’s not just that you can get rare or fun skins for your guns and knives in this game – you can also buy and sell CS:GO skins.

The way you originally get the skins is by obtaining or purchasing loot boxes that contain all sorts of goodies you can use in your games. The drop rate for the boxes is completely random, and it doesn’t matter what your score in the game was.

If this is what you’re interested in, you can find a couple of tips and tricks that can get you started entering the huge world that is CS:GO trading.

Learn How to Trade Properly

The CS:GO market is a unique one, mainly because the prices for skins can range from a couple of cents to the most expensive CS:GO skins, which can go for hundreds of dollars, and the prices can at times seem completely arbitrary. The thing is, they aren’t arbitrary, at least to anyone who knows their way around the market.

You’ll need to learn how to buy and sell skins and which ones will be worth the hassle. You’ll also probably need a small sum to invest at the start, which will grow over time and let you purchase and sell even more skins.

The price very often depends on the skin’s rarity, so be patient and slowly work your way up to trading rare skins with your fellow CS:GO entrepreneurs.

Stay Updated on the Market

The market for CS:GO skins is ever-changing and flowing in unexpected directions. To turn a profit, you need to be on top of your game following the news, announcements, and current prices of certain skins.

There’s no way around it – you have to see which direction the market is moving so you can follow it and know at which point it would be best to sell your loot.

CS:GO also has a very interesting system for skins – their price can widely differ based on the condition of the skin. Meaning, for every skin, there are various, for lack of a better term, sub-skins that are absolutely the same, just with more or fewer scratches and marks on them.

That’s another thing you have to keep tabs on and keep in the back of your mind if you want to earn some money.

Find the Best Trading Platforms

Since the market has grown so much, many platforms now focus on trading CS:GO skins. The market is now at the point where even people who don’t necessarily play the game participate in the trading system, as it proved to be profitable to some people.

If you want the system to be profitable for you, too, you must find the best platform. It has to be a trusted site, as there have unfortunately been some scam attempts, as is expected, with large amounts of currency moving around.

Don’t go flying for the lowest prices you see – hold out and do some research on the platform to make sure that it’s valid.

Learn From Others

The thing is, people have been engaged with this market for years now, and you can’t hope to have their level of knowledge and experience right off the bat. If you’re hoping to one day get yourself an AWP Dragon Lore skin, you’re gonna need to follow some advice first.

There’s a wide array of forums, blogs, and even Discord servers that are solely focused on the CS:GO market, and you should find the ones that are the most helpful for you.

Whether it’s just your friend who’s been trading for a while now or some of your game-buddies, don’t be afraid to ask for advice when trading something you’re not too sure about, they’ll certainly be happy to give some helpful advice.

Buy During Sales

Even though there aren’t any conventional sales, as the market is based on person-to-person transactions and trading, there are still periods when you can buy your skins for less money than you usually would. That’s based on what platform you’re using and your general knowledge of how the prices have been moving lately.

Hold on to your funds until you hit a good deal, and only then go on to buy whatever skin has caught your eye recently.

Find The Cheapest Prices

If you’re going to turn any real profit by trading skins, you’ll need to know when to buy and sell. Knowing when to buy can mean a world of difference regarding the price, especially with the more expensive skins out there.

Do your research, follow the market, and have the patience to wait for that exact point in time where your funds will be used to their maximum potential.


There’s a lot to CS:GO beyond just the never-ending fun gameplay, and if you play your cards right, you might walk away with some cash in your pockets or a skin for your gun or knife that will make everyone in the lobby jealous.

Be patient, find a platform you trust, and enjoy this whole other aspect of the game that can bring you both fun and earnings.

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