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New York Living Guide – for Geeks

Nerd culture, as they call it, is on the increase thanks to Hollywood action, superhero fiction and fantasy movies. The city boasts many landmarks that catch the attention of the “nerd” community.  New York has become the home to companies like Etsy, Tumblr and Vimeo which are globally recognised digital companies.

New York’s tech community will be further developed to one day rival Silicon Valley. For those tech junkies wanting to try out New York for a few months without committing to a lease agreement or paying any money upfront, there is the option of co-living in NYC.

New York Living Guide - for Geeks

NYC Venues and Events that Nerds will Love

Below is a list of the events and venues that attract locals and visitors alike.

8 Bit and Up Video Games

This store carries 8-bit video games that are old school as well as modern ones. This video game store is the perfect place for nerds.

The Uncommons

This is a board game café and has the largest board game collection. The venue can set up to 65 people comfortably.

The Strand Bookstore

The local bookstore contains various types of books from old school to classical to modern books.

Gotham City Lounge

This bar provides many specials and a superhero flare. Its cool atmosphere has made it a preferred choice among many. It contains breath-taking superhero décor that covers the bar from end to end. It is the best spot for cheap drinks.


This bar and theatre offers a screening room as well as happy hour. They offer DVD rentals, and a range of snacks. Videology hosts various events like movie marathons, drinking games and brunch and booze specials.

New York Hall of Science

The NYSCI contains everything to do with science, in other words, it’s a science museum. They offer 3D shows, interactive science and a hands-on learning experience.

Hayden Planetarium

This venue contains all the information you will need about planets and space. The planetarium’s director is Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Paley Centre for Media

This is a public library that contains over 150, 000 TV and radio shows and daily screenings of the classic shows.

Museum of the Moving Image

This museum has the largest collection of moving images, and screens hundreds of films yearly.

Dip Your Toes into the NYC Experience

The above are just a few places to visit when you are in NYC, especially if you are “geek of nature”. There are countless others which are too many to name. If you are planning on relocating to the Big Apple, you may choose to go the route of co-living first, while you make up your mind.

Research various companies that offer you good value for money. You will share common areas like the bathroom, lounge and kitchen but most places offer en-suites in each bedroom and come with a host of great amenities which are covered in the fee. These homes often group like-minded people together, so you may find yourself in the company of people who share the same interest in technology and the digital age as you do.

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