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How To Delete OYO Account?

Wondering how to delete OYO Account? If yes then you better stick with this page.

There is no doubt that Oyo is one of the largest hotel rooms provider in India and in some other countries. The company has been performing very well and known for offering affordable hotel rooms to us.

However, as the issue of privacy keep raising during these days. Most of us often want to protect our data from different websites or Just want to avail the referral code offer twice. Hence, you may also want to delete your Oyo account. But the question is how to delete Oyo account?

Well, let me answer this question for you. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

How To Delete Oyo Account?

However, the sad fact here is that you cannot delete your Oyo account. Even there is no such information is located in the help center of Oyo. It because maybe they have some policies which do not allow you to delete your Oyo account. Maybe, the Account is required for proof that you have booked hotels. So in future, there won’t be any issues.

But what if you delete your Oyo account? Well, as I just mentioned that, this is not possible. But what you can do is, you can simply change the account details, and you are good to go. This way, your details no longer exist on Oyo’s database. So if your main concern is to save your personal data, then you are good to go.

Even if your main reason behind Oyo account delete is to remove all the booking details. Then sadly it won’t be possible either. According to Oyo, they want you to reminiscence all the stays, and hence you won’t be able to delete the booking history as it is also required for the booking record. And this is the same reason why they do not allow us to delete our Account.

But why don’t you simply change all your details and leave your Account as it is? Then it would not be a problem, right?

Well, here is how you can do so:

Step 1: First of all, you will need to login to your Oyo account. If you are using the Oyo App, then do launch it. Or you can go to and login to your Account.

Step 2: After that, you have to go to your Account. For this, you can look into the right hand side menu from the Oyo App. Or from the website, you can click on your name and then go to Profile.

Step 3: Next, you will find three text fields for your name, email, and phone number. You can simply use some other name, for your email, you can try out some temporary email. However, for phone, you will need to use a number where you can get an OTP. So if you have a secondary phone number, do use that for this job.

Step 4: Once you are done with all the steps, simply go ahead and hit the update button and you are done.

That’s it. Now all your account details are changed now. You can simply forget the Account now and create a new Oyo account with the previous number if you want.

Final Words:

So that was all for your how to delete Oyo account question. In short, deleting Oyo account is not possible. But yes, you can always change your details and forget the Account if you want to protect your data. Anyway, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below and I will surely help you out.

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