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Nat Geo WILD Slots™ by Murka and Max Polyakov Educating People about Environmental Issues

The nooks and crannies of the earth have people who make use of phones. A recent study revealed that more than 6 billion people make use of smartphones in the world. This comfortably stands above the number of people that make use of toilets. While this sounds so pathetic, it has a lot of benefits. This ranges from the fact that with the availability of smartphones, social initiatives are pushed to capitalize on technology to find succor for people in need.

Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB
Image Credit: Nat Geo Wild Slots via FB

People can now enjoy a virtual environment where their activities are turned into entertainment. By creating huddles, monitoring participants’ progress, and offering rewards, Crowdrise is able to make fundraising look like a competition. For SuperBetter, the healing process of people who went through negative experiences in life is designed into games.

While giving us fun and entertainment, some of the problems we encounter in life are also solved through games. An example is the Sweet Seeds Campaign that Zynga launched on its FarmVille app in 2010 to help victims of the earthquake that took 100,000 lives and displaced up to 3 million in Haiti. This grossed up to $1.5 million in a short time, to the extent that the United Nations World Food Programme representatives were so glad about it. It favored the fact that it was very fast, and that everything realized went to the right course.

The world could be made a better place, while people are entertained by these games because they appeal to a majority of the masses. The partnership between the National Geographic and Murka that sees the game developer design games with content from National Geographic WILD is one example here.

This brought about the Nat Geo WILD Slots™ from Murka co-founded by Max Polyakov, and it is a fun filled slot game. Players enjoy breathtaking graphics and images when they play the game. It has the real money and the free play mode for players to choose from. This comes as the first software that supports the activities of Noosphere Ventures in form of a game that has National Geographic content in it.

For Max Polyakov, the partnership between the National Geographic agents is an outstanding one for the casino games and entertainment.  This is because it will get the players more informed and help them contribute their quota to preserving the environment, while they are entertained.

Wholesome initiatives are offered better ways to reach interested parties by technology. The National Geographic gets to communicate with people it could not have reached before through the images of landscapes, architecture, and people, it offers in the games.

Speaking about this, Juan Gutierrez, Senior VP, Licensing, for NatGeo, highlighted their joy in the fact that this partnership strengthens their visual storytelling, as they offer content with Nat Geo WILD learning on internet gaming. He posited that they are always exploring untapped grounds at the Nat Geo, and the collaboration is a positive step in that angle.

The message of Max Polyakov, who is a managing partner of Noosphere Ventures on social media, reads that he is expecting the next project in the partnership to involve ways to donate money to save endangered species. This means designing a method of raising funds to assist initiatives about the environment, and to aid groups that preach environmental preservation.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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