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Most Popular Features of Modern Mobile Games

Mobile gaming currently has 42% of the gaming market share and is expected to override that of console games in the next 5 years, making mobile games the most popular kind of games worldwide. Naturally, every game development company longs to make their games more appealing to the audiences. Since most mobile games are free to download and play, eventually monetizing the game will only be possible if it gets popular enough. So, what are the secret ingredients of mobile games that make them market hits?

Features Every Top Mobile Game Must Have

Here are some key features for mobile developers to note to ensure their product’s marketability and success:

  1. Casual play. A mobile game must allow every player to play casually without major resources input or too much challenge to handle. Most people play mobile games on the go, during office hour breaks or on a bus home. Casual playing allows to decompress and relax the brain, that’s why puzzles and simple linear games are so popular at the moment. Too much challenge will require more time and effort input, which may demotivate some users. Of course, there are major exceptions from this rule, like Pokemon Go, but they offer other exclusive features, like augmented reality.
  2. Social aspects. Games like Candy Crush and Gun Ho’s Puzzles and Dragons have incorporated social features into the games, making them a sort of extension to the social networks and allowing for major player social interaction inside the game. Starting with Facebook integration, these games also allow players to see each other’s ratings and post results on social networks, to give each other gifts inside the game and so on. There are also multiplayer gaming sessions that gather people in the game at the same time to have a real-time experience. All of these features make the games more social, and thus contribute to more player engagement and retention.
  3. Simple interface. Since mobile phones have small screens and fewer buttons than console controllers, the navigation and gameplay should be simple and ergonomic, so that the player feels comfortable with his own device. A good example of ergonomic gameplay would be Angry Birds: a few screen buttons to navigate plus a simple gesture of aiming and catapulting a bird made a miracle. Another example is the best online casino UK that has an easy-to-use interface in its mobile version.
  4. Smart pause settings. On mobile devices, being able to pause and resume the game is vital, since most players play on the go. With one button that clearly indicates the pause of the game, like in the case Angry Birds, a game could go far. Also, a player should be able to come back to the game at any time without the loss of his score or progress.
  5. Multiplayer options. Many users appreciate being able to play their favorite mobile game in a multiplayer mode, however, it is difficult to be there at the same time. Asynchronous multiplayer mode allows players to play when they can, while still enjoying the pleasure of in-game communication. The examples that successfully implement this feature are Doodle Jump and Sprint Racers GP.

Mobile games with these features will be dominating the market in the next 5 years. In the mobile game development business, intuitive design and social features will be key factors in ensuring the game’s success.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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