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Managing Difficult UberEATS Customer Encounters

One of the key tasks any UberEats driver will attest to is the ability to navigate the angry or frustrated customer, or even making a delivery mistake and having to rectify it, leading to an uncomfortable situation. Most customers are usually nice and understanding, but on occasions, you get that angry customer that ruins a perfect day. There are ways to handle them and remember, you don’t want to spend too much time wasted with an irate customer that harangues you for whatever reason.

UberEATS Customer Encounters

When working as an UberEats driver, you will face such challenges, and therefore you need to be prepared.

  1. Confirm the Address

Never assume that the address you have is correct, sometimes customers make mistakes. When you are about to deliver the order, send a message to the customer and tell them you are delivering to the “specifically address”. Sometimes the customer will realize their mistake and correct it before you end up giving their food to someone else, or not delivering it on time.

  1. Confirm the Receiver

When you arrive at a destination, make sure the person taking the food is the person that ordered it, not a family member. You need to make sure the address is correct by assuming that the person receiving it is the person that ordered it. After all, everyone likes a free meal, especially one that is hand delivered.

  1. Prepare the Customer

Always contact the customer when you leave the restaurant with the order, let them know you are on the way. This takes away the “waiting vacuum” that makes some customers hallucinate you are running away with their food. Let them know you have left the restaurant, and then let them know you are parking outside their location. If there are delays, let them know the cause immediately.

Other tips to make sure you don’t fall flat on your face include:

Keep a sanitizer lotion in your car or bike. You need this to wipe your hands of any offensive smells you might pick up on the way. Such as filling up for gas or eating something that spills on your hands. Always sanitize your hands after filling up with gas, the last thing your customer wants is a gas smelling meal.

Phone charger and Phone is essential, mandatory and a must. I don’t think I can express this issue with more urgency. Your phone is your lifeline, without it, don’t bother working for UberEats. Therefore, a phone charger is as important as the phone itself, what use is a dead phone? Also, always have the phone on you, in and out of the car.


What I didn’t start out with is this: Always smile, always be courteous and no matter how bad a customer is, just keep in mind that bad customer money is green too, and you don’t know what hard life or mental state they are in, so give them the benefit of the doubt, and smile. If you would like to get more tips and tricks of UberEats driving visit Ridesharing Forum for drivers.

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