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Major Benefits Of E-Learning Apps On Education

Major Benefits Of E-Learning Apps On EducationIn the past few years, the influence of e-learning applications upon students has been immense. The mobile learning applications are now more popular than ever. Students can learn anything with the help of these educational apps from anywhere in the world. They can also do online courses and prepare for competitive entrance examinations like JEE Advanced 2018, CAT, NEET, etc. with the help of their e-learning app. Some benefits and advantages of e-learning apps on education are given in the points mentioned below.



The educational applications can be easily installed in portable devices like mobile phones,  tablets, and laptops. This means that students can access any information and learn anything at any time.

Video lessons

Visual engagement is the best way to make students enjoy the learning process. The educational applications come with numerous interactive video lessons on various science and math topics. The video lessons are designed with attractive features like 3D animations and in-air projections so that students can learn more efficiently.

Adaptive learning

Because of huge exam syllabus, students often face lots of problems while preparing for their exam. Many times students fail to understand certain chapters due to complex concepts. The educational apps come with a revolutionary feature known as adaptive learning. With this feature, students can learn at their own pace, clear their concepts and analyze and work on their weak and strong sections.


With the advancement of technology in the educational sector, books have turned into digital pages. Students can now get any book in the form of e-books from their mobile learning application. Along with textbooks and preparation books, students can also get question papers and sample papers for competitive exams like NEET 2016 question paper, JEE papers, CAT previous year question papers, etc.

Instant updates

The educational apps not only provide lessons, books and question papers to students but also all the educational events and news happening around. Students can get their exam dates, campus events, latest syllabus and eligibility criteria, marking scheme and other exam related details from their e-learning application.

These were some of the benefits and advantages of using mobile learning application in the field of education. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive and engaging video lessons on various math and science topics.


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