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Lodha Palava City in Dombivli 1,2,4 BHK Rates And Reviews

City life, despite offering access to all the charms of modern world and living, has always been accused (lodha palava)! Most cases had to blame cities for their artificial nature, the lack of greenery and the upcoming terror of pollution. The solution of going back to the villages is no more viable, because we have got accustomed to the facilities of cities and associates.

At the same time, the so-called metropolitan cities are becoming unable to handle the upcoming population. In this upcoming article we are about to discuss some solutions to everyday’s life by introducing to you Lodha Palava City. Before Moving forward dont forget to check this lodha palava reviews.

Lodha Palava Reviews
Lodha Palava Reviews

This is exactly where Lodha Palava — an integrated greenfield smart city — grabs all the limelight, because it’s offering a never-like-before city life experience, without compromising your crave for a calm, silent and greenery-filled living. And, definitely, Lodha Palava is going to re-transform the way we enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan city. Lodha Group has brought into life a concept that the current generation needs and one that the upcoming generation will thank.

What Exactly is Lodha Palava?

The simplest way to define Lodha Palava is, it’s a greenfield smart city, located in Maharashtra. It envisages to offer all the benefits and opportunities of a metropolitan city, even when letting you enjoy the benefits of naturistic living. More than 25% of Lodha Palava is dedicated for green space, which is necessary if you’d think about pollution and healthy living.

The Palava City, which is being developed by Lodha Group, offers a lot of opportunities that you may not find even in the established metropolitans. When completed, the city will be home to more than 28000 families, which prefer the smoothness of greenery to the humdrum of one stuffed city life. When even the best-rated cities like Mumbai are becoming incapable of handling population, Palava is a hope too.

In other words, the Lodha Palava city is going to bridge the gap between green living and city life. It reinvents not only the way we stay, but also the way we lead the every-day life. While offering an all-new way of living for families, the smart city is an equally powerful growing platform for upcoming businesses too. Palava city is based on the concept of constant growth and consistent development of the people who belong.

Where You Will Find Lodha Palava City?

As we mentioned, the Lodha Palava Smart City is located in Maharashtra, India. Its location has been selected and cultivated in such a way that it is surely the next big business hub in the state. If you form a triangle with Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan, you can spot Lodha Palava at the center. In terms of accessibility, Palava is offering the best features you’d ever want.

A journey of less than hour from South Mumbai, you have different ways to reach Lodha Palava, via road or rail. Thanks to the Dombivli and Diva railway stations, the place is quite accessible via central rail as well. If you take the drive from the upcoming international airport, it just takes 20 minutes to reach Lodha Palava. We believe this is what is called the ultimate placement for a smart city!

What Makes Lodha Palava Smart and Integrated?

Lodha Palava City

Still wondering what’s so special about Lodha Palava? Let’s check out the common opportunities that you’ll find inside.

  • Stunning Residences are offered in the Lodha Palava city, starting at reasonable pricing. You can pick from 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK residences that offer top-notch living, air-conditioned rooms, premium-range bath fittings and multiple-tier security system. You’ll have the perfect home, surrounded by greenery and more.
  • Lodha Palava has equal focus on different Business ventures, from IT, ITES, Finance and Trading firms. In the second and third phases, you’ll see the growth of various industries, contributing to the total job opportunity of the community and the state.
  • With multiple schools and multi-disciplinary universities, Lodha Palava offers the best Education you can have in the state. Creating a blend of naturistic infrastructure and smart learning, it’s best way to learn anything. All these facilities are set inside the Palava city, offering an integrated experience of living too.
  • Palava City is going to be ultimate center for Leisure, thanks to its Cultural Center, Waterfronts and a few Shopping & Dining ventures. While the amphi-theatre can accommodate up to 2500 people, you can spot more than 1000 stores and restaurants in the entire city. What else do you need for leisure-filled living?
  • Open Spaces are another thing that make the living in Lodha Palava truly naturistic and relaxing. From forest greens to neighborhood gardens and from green pathways to playgrounds, both adults and kids can enjoy the flora and fauna in Lodha Palava.
  • No one can possibly get stranded in the city, apparently. The entire city is equipped with multiple set of Security Systems, such as 24*7 monitoring system, street-level security and Emergency Response Teams. Every residence and business space in the hub is equipped with the proper security systems.
  • Situated in Casa Rio and Casa Bella Gold, two primary HealthCenter Clinics are available in Lodha Palava, offering the best primary care. The integrated city is expecting a multispecialty hospital in the near-future.

Lodha Palava also happens to be one of the best energy-efficient and energy-friendly smart cities in country. The Lodha Group has partnered with many tech giants to ensure that water resources are never wasted. It also uses rainwater harvesting and solar energy to ensure the consistency of energy flow. Last but not least, Palava city has improvised one of the best waste management systems too.

Different Neighborhoods to Move In

The whole residence structure of Lodha Palava is divided into different neighborhoods, each having its own features and options. The available ones are Casa Bella, Casa Bella Gold, Casa Rio, Casa Rio Gold, Lakeshore Greens, Center Park and Codename Riverside. Every neighborhood has different pricing for their residences, and you’ll surely have the perks in the long run.

Moving into Lodha Palava reviews is easier than it sounds. You can choose your neighborhood according to facilities you need and the budget you have, you can pick the best space from the versatile collection. Then, it takes just a few taps for the Palava Team to call you take you through the purchase proceedings. They also offer impressive EMI plans, if you prefer paying the amount step by step.

A New Living and a Worthy Investment

You already know how smart and advanced your lives can be at Lodha Palava. Having a residence at the new Palava City is more than that, though. Being an upcoming hub of business and economy, Lodha Palava has a quickly-growing market-value. If you are someone who likes to invest on worthwhile real-estate, this would be the best choice.

The associated elements of the Lodha Palava city is expected to attract thousands of companies and people into it, in the coming decade. With an expected annual GDP of 60,000 crores in 2025, it will be the flourishing land for most service providers. So, if it’s not for the enhanced living and naturistic life, Lodha Palava can be one of the best financial investments too.

Wrapping Up

Considering all what it has to offer, Lodha Palava is the way of living for tomorrow. While we were discussing lodha Palava reviews we team of Techicy actually planning to get a 1BHK Lodha Palava Flat. When our current cities are become rudimentary, unproductive and incapable of managing, an integrated city can offer something amazing. It creates the perfect blend of healthy living, business opportunities, thus creating a hub of modern living and business. Probably you must have went through lodha palava reviews. Want to see what Lodha Palava has to offer? You can probably check out a city tour.

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