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Local Seo For Franchises With Multiple Locations

It is overwhelming to search for a brand on different websites. As the owner of a local franchise, you should consider listing all your locations on the same website to avoid confusion. Platforms such as the Amazon do support such multiple locations.

Local Seo For Franchises With Multiple Locations

Below are some ways local SEO franchises with multiple locations can improve their business and dominate the business world:

1 Listing Your Businesses

Make sure you are aware of all the local directories. List all your business details such as the name of the business, business address, the phone number, and websites to maintain consistency. For instance, if you are a local SEO from Chicago, make sure you write your details in a Chicago directory. Make sure you have a local Google page where you cite your location, the opening, and closing hours, not forgetting the unique URL of the city.

2 Advertise Your Business

Customers expect to find your business through Geolocation. With this guide, they will find the relevant information about your franchise. Each franchise should have its own website and this may turn out to be expensive for you since every website must be taken care of. Multiple websites are available to help you create a cheaper website for your franchise like spacecraft and spaces. If you have a problem handling your business, you can hire experts such as Tom Johnston to help you advertise your work effortlessly.

3 Add Franchise Business to GPS

This is where you get your businesses added to a Point of interest database. They inform the car manufacturer as well as the phone manufacturers to add your business information. This ensures that if a customer is using their phones, cars or even the internet, they can find you with ease.

4 Schema Markup Your Franchise

A schema markup enables the search engine such as a Google to recognize important information. Therefore, make sure your business is included in a schema markup for easier search.

5 Set up Google My Business

If you want your business to appear in local search engine, make sure you set up ‘’Google my business listing’’. Remember to keep on updating your business information as your business grows. Give prompt feedback on all reviews. This will show your customers that you do care and value them. Update pictures of your products or services, this provides accurate information for interested clients. Google listing in Google location enables you to edit any information, verify, and import any services or products easily.

Nowadays, almost every person owns a phone or tablet among other devices. Through them, a customer is able to search for information on a local business. It is also easy for them to visit the businesses through the geolocation on their phones.

Franchisers prefer to use platforms that can handle multiple locations for their businesses. The more the citation they have for their businesses, the more business offers they get. Therefore, if you are a local SEO who wants to dominate the marketing world, it is best that you go viral to improve your business. With the above guidelines, you have the idea on how to make your franchise boom in the marketing world. Ask for help from experts if you have no idea how to go about it.

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