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Best Features Of Dash Cam

In the driving environment, the dash Camera is becoming very famous nowadays. It is also known as the dashboard camera, car camera, car DVR, or incident recorder. Careless and aggressive driving is the more common incidents of road rage, for this purpose using the dash cam in your car is a wise decision. But it cannot be disregarded that they record more than an incident. These are equipped to the front or at the rear end of the car or any vehicle. It will allow the driver to stay relaxed while driving because they feel that everything will be recorded in case of any incident. Here we are going to discuss different features of Das Cam.

Best Features Of Dash Cam

Auto On And Off:

It has a great auto on and off feature. When the ignition for the vehicle starts its power turned on and started to record your journey. Similarly, when the ignition is turned off it will stop recording. This is done by a power cable which is connected to the cigarette liter outlet or electronic system of the vehicle.

HD Technology:

It consists of the HD technology which can help you to provide a clear image of any incident. As compared to old models the newest cameras offer the higher resolution. It is using up to date technology and provides 720 pixels or higher to record the HD quality video footage.

Record The Motion Detection:

This is one of the best features of dash cam that can easily detect the movement with the help of its motion detection. This function of the camera will be activated, when your car is parked and any activity occurs immediately such as anyone riding the motorbike or car and hits the parked car then in this situation the dash cam will start the recording.

Record Audio:

Recording audio along with the video is a great feature. It provides the best viewing experience to its users on the playback video clip. It consists of the built-in microphone which can record any sound inside or outside the car clearly. You can also turn off this feature if you want to do.

Loop Recording Feature:

This is one of the best things in it which make it unique and different from other car cameras. Loop recording feature of the camera allows recording every activity regardless of the capacity of the memory. It means that camera is designed to record nonstop on a loop by overwriting the new video footage when the memory is full. It allows the driver that never too worried about any incident.

Dual Cameras Feature:

Some new models are designs with both frontend and backend cameras. It will allow the driver to record the video footage from two different directions. These two built-in camera lenses will help you to record both interior and exterior of the car.

G Sensor:

This is another attractive feature of it that acts as an accelerometer. It helps to measure the forces that act on it when the changes are done in velocity. It is best if your vehicle is involved in an incident.

You can read the different dash cam reviews to know more about it.

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