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Attracting Corporate Sponsors For Your Esports Business

Attracting corporate sponsors for your business may appear difficult, but in the real sense, it is not. Whatever business you are in, sponsors can be easily obtained. In securing a corporate sponsor for your Esports Business, thinking that you are too small or have little experience in the field should not be a hindrance. The secret is to sell the concept to the sponsors effectively and have yourself surrounded by more experienced persons in the sector who help you navigate the challenges.

Attracting Corporate Sponsors For Your Esports Business

Below is an outline of top strategies for attracting a corporate sponsor:

1. Have a Clear Picture of your Demographic and Platform

In esports marketing, your demographic targets your intended market. Information regarding the market should be at your fingertips. On the other hand, a platform consists of your message together with the fan base. This should be clear and well sold to the sponsors as they also rely on it for marketing their product.Cause-related marketing should also not be forgotten. This is a form of giving back to the community. Many sponsors will always want to be associated with a business that positively impacts on the society.

2. Create an outstanding sponsor proposal

Securing a corporate sponsor should be forgotten when you miss out on a proper proposal. The proposal has to compel the sponsor to your business strongly. A proposal has to be presented to the accounting section for approval and checking. Therefore, it is crucial. Connection with your champion in the organization at a personal level should be attained to push you through. Proposals usually have a specific format that needs to be followed; this has to be strictly adhered to. Have a life-changing story behind your idea to connect with the sponsor emotionally. It plays the significant part in getting you the funding.

3. Promise Deliverables

Promising media coverage is not enough to the sponsor, present media coverage that is specific. An example is “I will provide media coverage in XYZ business journal. The journal has a 55,000 person circulation generating close to $90,000 annually.”

4. Do not Limit Yourself in Selling

A right amount should be requested from the sponsors. Lower amounts than $10,000 should be avoided as the sponsors are people who earn well in the industry. Requesting limited funds may result in wastage of their time. Your program should also be long-term to avoid going back to them every time.

5. Approach the Right Person in the Company

The best department to aid you is the marketing section. It is one of the best places to get things going. In other entities, divisions such as community affairs, brand management, public relations or public affairs will get you started.

6. Your Word should Always be Impeccable

In the sponsor relationship, fulfill the ideas you bring on the table. This is a test by the sponsors. In case you do not attain a specific objective, explain to them why. The point is to be a person of integrity.

7. Make Follow-ups

Majority of persons lose at this point as they do not make an effort on following up their applications.

8. Be Brief

Have a brilliant character. Ask for your need and go as this prevents consuming much of the sponsors time.

Attracting corporate sponsors for your esports business strengthens it and brings on board the needed resources. Sponsors also build your credibility. An effort of publicizing them on your website should be made as this portrays that your business is operating at a higher level. The above points should be considered to attract a corporate sponsor.

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