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Learn Some Interesting Ways To Use Links In Instagram Bio

Instagram users know that they can only use clickable links in their bio, and though you can have a link embedded in the caption, it appears more of a text than a clickable link. It means you need to count on your visitors copying the link and paste it in their browser to check the page. It is a bit too much to ask in today’s fast-paced world, and it can make your brand and business suffer. Even if you have a good load of real Instagram likes, you still need to find some clever ways to make people check your link. Thankfully, you can try some tricks to get good results. Here are some effective ways to take advantage of links and Instagram to support your brand and business.

Learn Some Interesting Ways To Use Links In Instagram Bio

Sending An Instagram Link To Web Pages

You can use Schedugram`s link-in-bio-feature to promote your Instagram account. Simply use the link in the bio section of your account to share with people around and at other web pages.

In this way, you will get your personalized URL that will redirect people to your Instagram account. You can redirect your business link on any website, group or blog post whenever you put forward a post in Schedugram. It is the most uncomplicated and effective use of your link in Instagram.

Promote Your Contests Using Links

You can conveniently use links in Instagram for promoting and propagating your contests and giveaways.

Contests are always one of the rapid and successful strategies to attract people. Who doesn’t want a free treat or service? People are often crazy about even the tiniest of stuff when it comes to freebies. Sometimes people eagerly participate in contests without acknowledging the utility of the giveaway in their life. The word free clicks their psyche. This helps in promoting your account and increasing the number of followers.

Giving away prizes and holding contests also help in increasing the engagement of existing followers and boosting the communication among them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to contests and you can always introduce unique ideas or repeat the old ones. It’s all up to your preference and according to your goals. Whatever contest you will arrange, it will surely contribute to your business in an assertive way.

For the convenience of the participants and for reducing your own stress, it’s always a good idea to write down all the instructions regarding the contest and mention all the details on a single page. You can link that page in the bio section of your Instagram account for easy accessibility. It will also save you from the hassle of explaining again and again. You can always refer people to link in bio for details.

Connect People To A Website Or Blog Post Using Links

You can effectively direct your Instagram followers to your blog post to increase traffic on your blog or simply make them lend your website for further promoting your business by using links. You can even use links to connect people to the sponsor`s website or awareness post.

 You can add an attractive image or caption in our Instagram post and ask viewers to follow the link in bio to direct them to the desired website or page.

This technique is an effective one when you want to promote a particular site or blog regarding a product or highlighting a propaganda. But it can be a little confusing for the followers. In order to link every blog post with your account or frequently redirecting people to your blog, you will be repeatedly changing the link in the bio section of your Instagram account. Now the people trying to access an old Instagram story will be directed to the wrong page and this will likely to affect followers negatively. This issue could be resolved by changing the link strategically and with proper time intervals.

In addition, you can also use Instagram links to send people to a freebie and then encourage them to visit your page to get more info. Just by learning to use these strategies properly, you can certainly make Instagram an effective advertising channel for your business.

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