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Leaderboard and Communities Inspiring HR Engagements

A leaderboard can assess actual performance of an individual within a group and their head to head competition among the group. It shows the variance or gap between organisation target and actual obtained result. Leaderboard are frequently used by manager to intrinsically motivate the people of their organisation to deliver their best performance through recognition and competition.

This motivation is more powerful because it includes public and organisation recognition and their achievements in competition with their peers. They earn their value through this recognition which helps to enhance their self esteem in a team.

Leaderboard Inspiring HR Engagements

Category to Build leaderboard by analysing the Data

Data may be numerical i.e. quantitative or categorical i.e. qualitative.

Some illustration of category of leaderboard:-

  • Person vs person
  • Team vs Team
  • Product type vs product type
  • Location vs location
  • Each steps of a business – call, appointments, revenue etc.

Enhancement of data analysis helps to build a accurate leaderboard.

Uses of Leaderboard

In an organisation every department can use leaderboard based on data logistics to get a better performance from their people.

To assess the position, status, grade many HR dept use this leaderboard like

  • Department vs department retention and turnover
  • Number of applicants per position and filled positions
  • Recruitment expenditure of any division and department
  • Externally Vs internally recruited filled position

Leaderboard is a great asset of any organisation in terms of inspiration through appreciation and contest and analysing performance of their people. It Increase contribution of a community through its

  • Goal-setting theory one of the most well-established motivational and valuable theories which offered as an explanatory framework for leaderboard
  • Addition of leaderboard an a particular task increased performance
  • Leaderboard performed for any difficult and impossible goal also
  • An individual commitment of goal moderated the success of leaderboard


A group of people working together towards a common goal with a same belief and help each other to execute any work builds a community.

Key component of a Community

Five different types of communities

  1. Interest – People share the same interest in community
  2. Action – People trying to take change through their action in community
  3. Place – People bring them in geographic boundaries
  4. Practice – People of same profession or same activities
  5. Circumstance – People bring together by any external incident

Comminity is a common platform used to bring people together to advocate and support each other to overcome any situation. Build relationship is one of the key factor .In a social media community create their own platform to actively connect with their customer to promote their brands. Community development is a process to generate economic and social progress by active participation of its people with a common interest to exchange ideas or thoughts.

Benefit of a community

  • Learn from the mistake of each other of the organisation
  • Exchange of idea or thought of the business of organisation
  • Sharing the knowledge for progress of organisation
  • Build relationship and connection with each other
  • Learn to develop new business skills

Building a community for business involved large number of people with common interest and sharing values which ultimately inspire HR engagement to clearly understand the company’s crucial financial, operating and strategic activities and goal.

Engagement of HR is the best option to fulfil this for their ability to interact with all of the people in an organisation.They conduct in and outside survey to asses the future technology, standard and practices needed to support quality and customer service helps organisation to run their product in the market.

Some Key Points for engagement of HR

  • Familiar with industry– HR people asses the proper position of a industry or organisation by using various type of analysis within the current or new position of business like financial, competitive product and market share, analysis like technology, quality, innovativeness, customer care, total solution, financial strength etc. That helps proper navigation of an company
  • Familiar with SWOT analysis– By analysing company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunity and threat develop a strategic plan objectives by the way they helps the smooth run of an industry or organisation.
  • Excellency as a decision-makers– Analysing the traditional and analytical data used on major decisions regarding product design, marketing and pricing, distribution, purchasing, manufacturing, information systems, customer care, etc., providing a practical decision-making methodology so they helps to take the right decision to increase the profitability of the industry or organisation.
  • Form relationships– By providing sound coaching at the executive level, strategic planning and leadership skills, making a community, leaderboard technique builds collaboration between team members to achieve a sound business objective. Personal assistance could be helpful and process of getting to know each other better on a personal level helps to improve their relationship as well as the betterment of the organisation.
  • Leadership development training program– It usually presents the basic concept of some leadership theories, such as Emotional Intelligence, leadership styles, behaviours an interpersonal skills HR ultimately leads the industry or organisation in a new way.

End Note

Leaderboard and community thus inspiring HR engagement though there is an appropriate mixing of hard and soft skill which affects the relationship building process for greater good of an organisation.

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