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4 Recommended Hiking Hydration Packs for All Levels of Hikers

Hiking hydration packs are an important tool you must bring while hiking. It keeps you hydrated during the exploration. This tool is also important to bring, especially if you are walking to the lack of water places. Let’s check the type of hiking hydration pack you can use.


Military Hiking Hydration Pack

A military hydration pack is a perfect example of a safety hydration pack. The design is lightweight so it doesn’t disturb your back and you can walk comfortably to the final destination. You don’t need to worry when you have to pass through the river or rainy tropical forest because the water resistant surface keeps the water inside the hydration pack hygiene. The manufacturer really cares about the user’s health and hygiene and it can be seen on the anti-bacterial coating and thick layer to protect the water. You can drink the water anytime you want and in any kind of conditions even in the extreme conditions freshly! Due to the design and features, this hydration pack is also a perfect pack for biking, running, climbing, and walking.

Camelback Hiking Hydration Pack

Lightweight is one of important elements while searching for the best hiking hydration packs. Camelback is offering more than just a lightweight hydration pack but also a stylish pack. You are about to hold a 0.56 pounds pack and it is an extremely lightweight than any other hiking hydration packs out there. Furthermore, you can keep your confidence while using it due to the perfect combination of colors. This hydration pack is also offered in several stylish and bright colors. The most important, the tank keeps the water hygiene and fresh. The tank is using polyurethane material which not only protects the water from bacteria or dust but also maintains the quality of the water. As the result, the pack doesn’t change the taste and the smell of the water.

Crystal Creek Hydration Bladder Pack

If you want to bring a small hiking hydration pack, crystal creek hydration bladder pack is the answer. The size of this pack is smaller and simpler than the references above. But don’t underestimate the performance just because of the size because the tank is thick enough to keep the water safe. The hydration pack is also supported by a thermal case. The thick layer and the thermal case protect the water remain cold all day long. You can bring up to 3 liters of water in a small tank comfortably. The material doesn’t change the color and the taste of the water even after a few hours. This pack is designed to be easy to bring along with the clip and this features help to attach the pack to the travel backpack or kayak.

Camden Gear Hydration Pack

The Camden Gear Hydration is also a good option due to its quality and design. You are about to bring a hydration pack made of high-quality flexible plastic. The material is used to give durability and better heat resistance. Indeed, the manufacturer is trying to create a safety product and Camden Gear Hydration becomes one of hiking hydration packs which has been achieved a BPA-free certification.

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