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Key Features of An Appropriate Reception Desk

Are you making a new setup for your office? Planning to have a reception there to welcome your visitors in a professional manner? Want to place a new style reception desk which covers all the feature that it must have? In order to have the proper desk to place in the visiting area, it is good to do a survey of some furniture outlets where you get the best one for your office use. If you want to get the ready-made or you want to order a customized style in both cases keep in mind some things so that the desk you purchase has all features and fulfill your requirements.

Appropriate Reception Desk

Size of The Desk

It is very important to keep in consideration. Remember the size must be according to the area of the lobby. If you have a large reception than try to have a big table on which three to four receptionists can easily work. For the small setup, the table size appropriate for one person is enough. Before giving the order keep in mind the size of your reception along with the ratio of the visitors so that receptionist can easily manage without any mess.

Table Capacity

Another important factor that you must keep in mind while designing the table is that its capacity. You must know how much computer, laptops or monitors you have placed on the top. Along with any telephone or other essentials that you have to keep on it. It is important because the monitors are adjusted in such way that there must be space to communicate with the visitor. Some table designs have two stages, the upper one is kept empty while others have screens so that receptionist can easily do conversation with the visitor. Therefore, it is essential to check the end of table capacity before ordering or purchasing the ready-made one. There must be space of pen holder, table calendar, writing pad or table tents so that visitor can complete the reception requirement easily.

Drawers and Switchboards

To keep the reception tidy it is good to have the desk with drawers as well as switchboard so that there is no mess of wires or files around the desk. Keep the important files, pads and stationary in the drawer as well as keep connected your electronics with eths witch board present on the desk. In this way, no wires create hindrance while walking in or out. In a similar way, when you arrange all files or folders in drawers the table look neat and give a complete professional look.

Selection of color.

Mainly the desk for reception comes in brown and beige shades but you can choose according to the theme of the lobby. Try to choose the compatible color that gives a nice and fascinating impression to the visitors.

You can add some other things on your desk, but it must cover all these essential features so that receptionist can do work comfortably as well as visitors also communicate easily.

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