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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Power Connectors

When your dream is to have a reliable system operation, buying the right connector is critical. The correct connector will make your system smaller, lighter, and more comfortable for you to handle. There are no shortcuts because, with the right connector system, you can avoid the high price of recalls, repairs, and lost customers. Therefore, this calls for adequate research on the connectors and cable at the beginning of a systems design process to produce the optimal design.

Right Power Connectors

Calculate the cost

The electric connector’s price is calculated based on the total cost, including the receptacle and the plug, the cost of terminal connectors, and the labor cost for attaching the electrical wire and inserting it into the housing. Your preferred criterion will dictate the type and size of the electric connector. It is also advisable to consider other factors like the operating voltage, the size of the wire, the configuration, engagement force, and the size of the circuit

Customer service of the supplier

Consider the realistic delivery dates, for example; delivery on custom connectors from any supplier will usually be longer than selecting an off the shelf product. If you can use something pre-designed, you will find it has a shorter delivery. If you choose a custom connector as the right solution for you, ensure your supplier is committed to the project over the life of your device.

Consider the Reliability of the connectors

Reliability is one of the essential factors that you must consider when buying an electric connector. However, it is a complicated concept since it depends on several factors. Accurate figures are not easy to determine, although some connectors may come with a specification for mean time to failure. This guides selecting the right electric connector for any application.

Compatibility of Cables and Connectors

Always look at both the cable and the connector together to ensure that they are compatible. Choose the companies that customize the raw cable in stock that may meet your requirements, eliminating the average time of custom raw cable fabrication time. Check with your supplier to find out if you can take advantage of stocked material if you have limited time. Most manufacturers provide assembly services to reduce the number of vendors you have to work with. Therefore, check out the facility to find out if the company can offer you with termination only capabilities or complete over-molding, sealing, and testing capabilities.

Consider the Rating and Operating Voltage

Your Current rating is a vital criterion for selecting electrical cable connectors. It is used as a measure of the amount of current that can flow from PSU through a mating terminal and is ideally stated in amps per circuit. The current flow should be adjusted based on the number of circuits in a given housing depending on the temperature of the adjacent terminal.

Confirm Its Rated Operating Temperature Range

Electric connectors that are meant for extreme conditions and hazardous environments should incorporate special features to resist vibration and shocks and withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, choosing your electric connector depends on the proximity to a heat source, the location of your electrical connector, the operating temperatures, and the frequency of plugging and unplugging from the central PSU.

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