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Dedicated vs VPS: Which Hosting Service is Best Option for Your Business?

Going online has become the latest trend with different kinds of business ventures. Be it food or a cab or different pieces of apparel, everything can be found and ordered online. The world of business is fast-moving into an online space. However, going online and creating a website has certain prerequisites and a server is one of the most crucial of the lot. There are different kinds of server options that you can go for. VPS and Dedicated servers both come with their share of benefits and also have a huge cost difference. However, when choosing a server, only going for the most cost-effective solution is not always the best option. You need to make a well-informed choice when choosing a server to reap the best benefits out of your choice.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server in usa is one wherein you are the sole owner of all the components of the server that is maintaining and running your website. To put it in simpler terms, you own the hardware arrangement on which the software runs and also the software applications on which the website is based. Since you own everything, you have complete control over what happens in and with your website. This is also the most priced server solution because you have to pay entirely for the procurement and maintenance of all the hardware arrangements.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Before going on to VPS hosting it is imperative to understand what VPS means! VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name indicates, it is kind of a dedicated (private) server that exists in a virtual platform. Single hardware is segmented into some parts and a virtual emulation of this hardware is generated which is separate from all other segments. This virtual emulation becomes the hardware on which a site is built and run. It is more or less like a dedicated server but the users do not have direct access to the hardware setup and hence there are some restrictions of control with such a server.

Advantages of VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

Both VPS and dedicated servers have similar advantages owing to the similarity in their structure of use. The many advantages that these servers have are as follows:


Both VPS and dedicated servers are very easy to scale up or scale down. VPS hosting is easy to scale because you are using a virtualized platform. This makes things even easier because you do not even have to put down the site when you are upgrading. With a dedicated server, since you own the hardware, you can upgrade it whenever and however you want to. When you are scaling up a dedicated server, you would need to turn off the hardware and this leads to some downtime.

#2 Security:

With both VPS and dedicated server you are tapping into a unique IP address. This is the first line of enhanced security against different kinds of attacks because once you have a unique IP address you can take any precaution to suit your needs. The dedicated servers are like islands that are cut off from the mainland and exist independently and thus are the most secure options. Though you are getting segmented virtual hardware and unique IP address with a VPS, you are still sharing the same hardware with several users. If anything happens to the hardware through any of the users, then it is going to affect everybody on the server.

#3 Control:

In a dedicated server you own everything and thus you can do whatever you want. Whether you want to upgrade the hardware or modify the software applications, you can easily do so. The degree of configuration is limitless in a dedicated server. With VPS you can configure it in most ways you want to. Since you are not getting direct access to the physical hardware, there are certain restrictions with the degree of control you have over VPS.

Which Hosting Option is Better for Your Business?

Which Hosting Option is Better for Your Business

            There is never a clear cut answer as to which server is better for business. Considering all the advantages of a dedicated server, it surely is the best option that anyone can ask for. However, it is also the costliest option as you have to bear the entire cost of the dedicated hardware and its maintenance. It may not be possible for small businesses to bear the entire cost of a dedicated server. The VPS hosting platform is very similar to a dedicated server and also has similar security options. Since the main hardware system is used up by many users the cost of maintaining this hardware is getting distributed among all the users and this is a more cost-effective solution. With the technological advancement, VPS hosting has nearly the same capabilities of a dedicated server with just a few restrictions. If a small business or even a student is trying to set up a website, then it will be best if they choose VPS over dedicated servers as it is more affordable and they have to pay only for the resources they are using. If they need more resources, they can easily tap into it and pay likewise and the same goes for when they need lesser resources.

Why Choose Serverwala for Hosting Services?

            Serverwala is one of the most trusted and dedicated contenders of providing hosting services of various kinds. They have innumerable plans to choose from and you are surely going to find something that suits your needs. If you are looking for unmanaged plans, then you can easily exciting plans at Serverwala. There are also a plethora of managed dedicated server plans for you to choose from. The plans are affordable and cater to the allocation of different resources to suit different needs. The managed plans are also coupled with a select group of experts who know how to handle different situations with ease. There is also a hoard of VPS plans available at Serverwala which are exciting and highly affordable.


 Choosing a server hosting plan is not that easy to do though there are lots of plans available out there. Each of the plans comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages and you need to look after all the points. Only going for a plan based on its high or low cost is not the best option when looking for servers. You need to make a well-informed decision if you do not wish to face any problem in the long run. In all cases, a dedicated server is the most efficient one that you can go for but its high cost limits its use to only the big and established organizations. Again, if you are handling a lot of data, and are dealing with very personal details from your clients, then choosing VPS or other such shared servers is not a great idea because they do not provide the highest degree of security of data.

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