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Best Wit Game to Keep Grandma Busy

This is an unprecedented time all around the world. Being understanding and checking in on our loved ones is becoming even more critical now. As coronavirus lockdowns extend in so many regions, we cannot forget that social connections remain especially crucial for the older generation. They aren’t only vulnerable to the effects of the virus, but also to the negative impacts of solitude and self-isolation. So, how can we help them while keeping them safe and occupied? Besides positive talk, give them something to put their mind in, like crossword puzzles.


Games like Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzles, and crosswords have the potential to help them stay relaxed even when things are beginning to take a toll on their mental well-being.

Studies show that senior adults who pick up puzzles daily have more stable reasoning skills and also feel more confident. They remain engaged in something meaningful and can process things better. It’s like having to do something in their free time than merely whiling away time in doing nothing and worrying more.

But this doesn’t mean they’ve to force themselves and go for a gaming session every now and then. Just help your grandma or grandpa develop a lifestyle where they’re puzzling on their phone or have a puzzle book by their side. When they have the time and are in the mood, they can pick it up and complete a challenge. Even if it doesn’t pay off now, the results will be noticeable eventually.

Please give them a purpose during this time, so they thrive with a sense of accomplishment when they fulfill the aim. In turn, it will reduce the feelings of negativity. One such way to overcome despair is to play jigsaw puzzles – not the board one, but mobile version.

The puzzles on the Easybrain Jigsaw app is a worthwhile option for those senior adults and also for you during the lockdown. The game is easy to play, has appealing HD images, and allows the players to break down a picture from 9 to 400 pieces making the gameplay easy or difficult. While it would be tough for them to go out, having a phone app is extremely convenient.

Self-isolation can be annoying and depressive. But it’s the need of the hour. We may be technologically equipped to effortlessly spend our time, but for some of our senior adults, it may not be that easy. So, why not help them understand the importance of being virtually connected. Challenge them daily over a game of chess, Sudoku, Jigsaw puzzles, or block game and see who wins the dare!

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