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JD.Com Doing Its Part To Combat Coronavirus In China

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19,, China’s largest online retailer founded in 2004 by CEO Richard Liu, is working urgently with its subsidiaries and partners to assist those affected by the crisis.

JD.Com Doing Its Part To Combat Coronavirus In China

For example, JD Logistics’s expert capabilities in supply chain management and technology have enabled the company to deliver more than 2,000 tons of epidemic prevention supplies to Wuhan and the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, JD Business has collaborated with more than 1,000 enterprises to provide over two million coronavirus protection items to local governments, hospitals and other companies.

In an effort to meet the rising demand for online shopping and to assist retail firms with e-commerce solutions, JD Business has also established a free Software as a Service (SaaS) procurement platform that can be deployed in two hours. The platform quickly and easily links those firms to more than 30,000 JD retail partners. JD has also launched an expedited channel for merchants to open online stores in as fast as six hours. In fact, JD has already helped move more than 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores online.

JD Live is also supporting merchants with livestreaming e-commerce at a reduced take rate, is waiving all service fees, and is providing cash subsidies for livestreaming in seven categories: food and beverages, fresh food, household cleaning and paper products, personal care, kitchen utensils, household products and pet life. These efforts, and the launch of the National Fresh Produce Green Channel, will help farmers sell their goods during the outbreak. The Online Product Launch Conference has also been upgraded to help merchants gain access to JD’s massive marketing resources and tools. Not only do these initiatives help lower operations costs while ensuring supply and price stability, they also give those employees returning to work peace of mind.

Another way is providing peace of mind is by collaborating with its merchant partners to implement remote working systems, disinfect offices, monitor body temperature and manage air purification. Those partners are also providing needed items to be delivered by JD Logistics, such as A.O. Smith, who donated air purifiers worth RMB 18 million to more than 100 hospitals in China. JD Logistics leveraged its 10+ years of supply chain service experience, including route planning and emergency scheduling capacity, to deliver the units across the country in just seven days during Chinese New Year.

JD merchant Wang Ke donated 3,000 boxes of milkshakes and 2,000 boxes of energy bars (30,000 items worth 500,000 yuan) to 18 Wuhan hospitals, while Li Pengzhi of the Deyin Industrial Products Specialized Store on donated 8,000 pairs of safety goggles to transportation workers in Hubei province. Another merchant, Li Yan of furniture flagship store Lian Yao Jia Ju, donated all remaining inventory of 1,000 masks to Wuhan.

Finally, and Dada Group are jointly offering 35,000 frontline and customer service positions to help minimize the impact of the epidemic on citizens’ livelihoods. Those hired will be provided with necessary protective supplies, regular temperature checks, and coronavirus-related insurance. All of JD’s 210,000+ employees will continue to fight against the coronavirus until the crisis is over.

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