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Is it worth doing a PMP certification?

PMP certification

“Project Management Professional(PMP)” certification is a prestigious certification.

It’s issued by the PMI (Project Management Institute), USA.  The PMP certification adds value to project managers to get a better job or a salary hike. PMP certified professionals are in demand across the globe.

They are not specific to anyone industry. Companies hire PMP certified project managers who can show their standard work ethics.  They work according to the PMI code of ethics and this makes them an invaluable asset. 

Who should do PMP certification?

A certification authenticates your knowledge gained by work experience. Thereby adding value to resumes of project managers. Companies  lookout for “PMP certified” project managers.

So anyone who is an experienced professional irrespective of the industry they are working at the level of either a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Supervisor or a Project Consultants is eligible if the candidate has a 3+ years of experience is eligible to take up the exam. 

Is it worth doing PMP? 

According to a research, certifications have become a benchmark for companies to hire. It demonstrates the talent of a project manager and catches the eye of the HR while evaluation.

Thus the obvious answer is “YES“. A PMP certification enhances management skills of working and experienced project managers. Preparation for a PMP certification requires careful study of 3-4 months. It needs a review of the current project management processes in PMBOK guide.

Getting a certification highlights:

  • Knowledge and your competency in handling complex projects.
  • It shows your seriousness about your career to everyone.
  • It shows commitment to your profession.
  • It helps you understand the function of a project management to best of your abilities.

This makes your career growth as a PMP certified project manager  unparalleled.

PMP certification evaluates the characteristics of a project manager. It introduces them to different tough situations in their field. A certified project manager has in-depth knowledge in these ten areas:

  • project integration management
  • scope management
  • time management
  • cost management
  • quality management
  • human resource management
  • risk management
  • procurement management
  • stakeholder management.

He also has a clear understanding about five project management processes:

  • initiating
  • planning
  • executing
  • monitoring & controlling
  • closing

This is vital for handling complex projects.

As per PMI’s Project Management Salary Survey released in July 2017 a PMP certified professionals enjoy a salary of $111,969 per year in US.The importance of a good project manager is more in MNC’s. They always look to hire a project manager from elite business schools like IIMs, IITs.

There are many job opportunities in government projects like “Digital India” and “Make in India”. Thus, be proactive and earn a certification, it’ll take you to long way to grab these opportunities. 

Now, let’s see,” How to get PMP certified?”

Get your PMP certification in few simple steps!

Step 1: Read PMI Credentials Handbook from

Step 2: Make sure you are eligible to become PMI certified project manager

Step 3: Become PMI Member

Step 4: Sign up for PMP exam

Step 5: Apply for GreyCampus PMP training course here.

Step 6: Answer as many Sample PMP Exam questions provided in training material

Step 7: Study Hard

Step 8: Take the exam in designated center in your location

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In a nutshell:

There are various roles in Project Management and that will require different skills and competencies. Since Project Management is also about responsibilities and change management and control, the knowledge levels and skillsets of Project Managers continuously transform and develop. Getting certified only make you better at this!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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