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Is Cloud Computing Safe?

When it comes to working in a computer-based system, there are two basic types of environments. First, there is on-premises computing. In this scenario, companies own and manage their own systems in house. Everything they use, including all applications, data files, etc. are in your own computers and/or your in-house local area network.

Cloud computing, by contrast, involves your files being held remotely on the internet (“the cloud”) in a network of servers that are operated by a third party. Although you and your employees are able to access your applications and work on their PCs by logging in to the network, the data files and applications are actually provided by cloud-hosting providers.

Cloud Computing Safe

Web-based email accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail were some of the first cloud services, but these days cloud services go far beyond just email service providers. Today, you can use cloud services for virtually everything you would do in an on-site computer environment, including marketing, humarn resources, accounting tasks, inventory, and much more.

Why would companies opt for cloud computing services? There are many reasons why this might be the case:

With cloud computing, files can be accessed anywhere around the world, from any computer.

  • It’s more affordable
  • It delivers superior-quality performance
  • Little to no tech knowledge is involved
  • It can be scaled up or down to accommodate the number of apps required or the amount of data stored.

One of the main concerns many companies have with cloud computing services is whether or not it is safe. Some companies hesitate to have their confidential files stored offsite. But is cloud computing safe? Is it more or less safe than on-site computing?

In cloud computing, the responsibility for the safety is shared between of the service provider and the business. The service provider is responsible for protecting the computer environment. In tandem with that, the customer is responsible for what happens while working within that environment. To do that, the customer needs to have a certain degree of tech knowledge.

In short, cloud computing is neither safer nor less safe than on-site computing. The difference is the different nature of the threats. There will always be threats to safety when working on computers, and cloud computing is no different, but there are maintenance packages that can be purchased from maintenance firms. This will allow for regular and routine checks on the safety and security of your computing environment, to ensure that it is as safe as possible.

If you’ve been considering cloud computing services but have had concerns about the safety of going that route, rest assured. Cloud computing is just as safe as using an on-site computing environment, and offers many advantages as well. Consult a company such as for more information.

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