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Indian Businesses Surging Through E-Commerce Websites Around The Globe

The business of selling online bedsheets of Jaipur businessman Abhishek Muddy has turned into a popular brand on Amazon. He got this success from re-branding of products such as tapestries and beach rugs. Abhishek now sells the goods only on this global platform. Sales of products are increasing as customers are also using their bedsheets for wall decoration.

Indian Businesses Surging Through E-Commerce Websites Around The Globe

Many customers from America and other countries are buying lots of products from Indian businessmen through Amazon. However, they use them for a different job.

Due to selling goods to international customers, Indian business people such as Abhishek have to keep an eye on international trends. Amazon helps them by sharing search trends and customer reviews. Nine million of the prominent Indian brands such as Dabur, Titan and Fabindia are listed on Amazon They are sold in 10 countries which include North America (America, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain), Japan, and China.

Through a detailed guide to create a seller account on amazon about 32,000 Indian businessmen are now connected to Amazon’s global selling program. Amazon India Chief AmitAgarwal feels that it can be much bigger than Amazon’s Indian marketplace, where 16 Million products are currently listed. Flipkart, which acquired eBay India last year, is also offering some merchandisers opportunity to sell products to 39 countries and 16.7 Million subscribers through eBay. The popularity of Indian goods seems to be based on reviews and feedback posted by American and European customers’ on Amazon’s website.

In a review on Amazon, a foreign customer wrote, “There is nothing better than ghee in the world to make pancakes.” Another user wrote in the review of a popular brand, “Ayurvedic soap makes good foams for shaving. I also keep them in the dresser’s drawer to soften my clothes.”

In 2014, it was a unique experience for a woman who started Global Sales through eBay website. She started selling traditional mandala-design sheets in large circular patterns, which is now being used as a matte in the US. She said, “After starting sale through Amazon in 2015, the company team told me that many students and youth are using bed sheets as tapestries, as it is cheaper and elegant compared to painting walls or decorating the house. Boho Street, a Middha-based company, started selling on Amazon in 2015. Its annual growth is 100%. “We have earned $2 Million from sales in 2016–2017 and we expect to earn 3 Million dollars in this financial year,” said a person related to the business.

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