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Identify The Needs Of The Target Group With The Help Of Social Media Intelligence

For marketing and market research, it is essential to know why customers buy products, which problems they experience in the customer journey, or how the company’s image is perceived.

For this, companies use various tools such as market research, customer surveys, and questionnaires or in the area of ​​online shopping web analytics. But all tools have their limits and special features. Defined questions are asked, especially in classic market research, and customers’ wishes and needs can be overlooked. A good way to get authentic feedback is to watch users’ conversations directly. To get this feedback, many brands now rely on social media intelligence.

Identify The Needs Of The Target Group With The Help Of Social Media Intelligence

This is the structured evaluation of contributions and evaluations from the digital space. Sources of this information are discussions in forums, testimonials in blogs, and messages on Twitter or product reviews on Amazon. There are two ways for brands to find these articles: searching for product and brand names and searching for topics.

The search for brands and products

The most important thing is of course to know what customers think about their own products, the company or the management. This approach is often the starting point for insight analysis. The relevant search terms are quickly defined and setting up in a monitoring tool is also quick, so that the first results will soon be aggregated.

The problem, however, is that the articles found are unstructured and do not necessarily fit together thematically and are likely to contain incorrect articles. To structure the contributions, so-called Boolean operators are used to search for the products in combination with other terms.

An example: when searching for the “Pampers” brand, the company would like to find specific contributions to the POS and purchase process:

By combining the desired areas of application, a corresponding database can be generated, which is encoded and evaluated as part of social media intelligence. In order to enrich the database with further relevant contributions, a topic monitoring is added.

Social media Like Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram etc. have developed into the silver bullet of online marketing in recent years. Companies can increase their awareness, interact with users or potential customers and improve their image. But that doesn’t work overnight or magically: patience and, above all, social media content ideas are needed to inspire your Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok followers and ensure reach. We have researched and can give you the following tips.

Behind the scenes

Users like to be involved in people’s everyday lives and feel like they know more than others. “Behind the scenes” posts like the photo of morning coffee or the team meeting are perfect for this. This is how you present your human side and strengthen customer loyalty.

Sharing is caring

Many companies are afraid to share third-party content and thus lose followers to other sites. There are many advantages to including contributions from others. Content that is thematically related to your own can, for example, underpin your product benefits with facts and thus strengthen your credibility. This also happens because users do not have the feeling that you are only promoting your own company and product on your channel.

If you share content from others, it is also quite possible that they will share your content in return. With the help of a social swap, you can also plan mutual sharing – preferably with a channel similar to yours.

But not only sharing content from “professional” accounts can have a positive effect. Managing user-generated content in social media and sharing particularly appealing content is particularly appealing and customer-oriented. It also signals the positive image of your brand among the members of your follower group.

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