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How to Make a Perfect Thesis for Your Essay

Have you ever written an off-topic essay? An essay that is irrelevant? Well, probably you mess up at your thesis statement. Students usually face the challenge when writing a good essay. Sometimes students get the right content. However, such contents do not conform to the thesis statement and the topic.

Why it can be so complicated to write a thesis statement correctly

The thesis statement is a single, specific claim that the essay supports. Thus, the thesis statement answers the question that the topic highlights through the presentation of the topic, the position of the writer and the reasoning blueprint.

Students face complications in writing thesis statement because students choose difficult and broad topics to write in their essays. Secondly, students usually find it difficult to write a declarative sentence that has a stance properly. Besides, the students fail to choose the correct language with ambiguity. Furthermore, students fail to conduct thorough research hence they lack facts and statistics to back up their arguments.

Lastly, some writers do not know the different parts of a thesis statement with the limited subject, the precise opinion, and the blueprint.  As a result, the students do not choose the subject as per the instructions. Besides, some writers do not answer the question about the topic as well as the goal of the easy and give no plan that gives the shape of the entire essay.

Perfect Thesis for Your Essay

What are the main features of a thesis statement?

A thesis statement usually makes an essay or research, gives the direction of the essay. Therefore, the thesis statement is usually a complete sentence with a narrow topic that conveys the topic. Thus, the statement has a limited scope. Besides, the statement is specific and gives an organization plan. Other features of a thesis statement entail a complete sentence, it gives a summary of the writer’s point of view, identifies the purpose of the essay, conveys an important point concerning the topic with the length of the essay. Lastly, the essay gives a guide for the essay.

What to consider before writing a thesis

When writing a perfect thesis statement, students should determine the type of the essay, the purpose of the essay and the audience of the essay. Secondly, the writer should ask a question and develop answers for the thesis statement. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the statement is provable. On the same note, ensure that the thesis statement has two parts that show the topic and a summary of the main idea. Lastly, summarise the thesis statement into one statement.

What makes a strong thesis?

Strong thesis statements show high quality regarding length, format, position and the strength of argument. Regarding the length, the thesis statement should be developed about the points it gives. The statement should have an opinion and a dependent clause or the reason in a single sentence. Secondly, the student should indicate the position of the thesis statement to show the reader on the main idea. Lastly, the thesis statement should have a strong argument that is persuasive.

Criteria of a good thesis

A good thesis usually fulfills various criteria. Therefore, students should ensure that the thesis statements are substantial with a claim that answers the reader’s question. Secondly, the essay should be supportive that prove topic with evidence with no opinion. Furthermore, the thesis statement should be precise and narrow. Lastly, the essay should be arguable and relevant.

What makes a weak thesis?

Weak thesis statements usually have no claims. Besides, the readers usually find the thesis statements obviously. Furthermore, such thesis statements usually restate all the conventional wisdom as well as giving a personal conviction as the basis for all the argument or claim with a broad spectrum of the claim.

Common mistakes of writing a thesis

Writing a perfect thesis usually comes with challenges. In most cases, students usually postpone their assignments and hurry at the deadline. Therefore, the students do not allocate enough time for the development of essays as well as a thesis. In the long run, students lack factual information and statistics to support their claims. Secondly, students usually choose uninteresting topics and points for their essays. The ambiguous topics usually torture students until the end. Furthermore, students fail to search for a reliable and credible material for the essay hence they fail to develop a strong thesis statement.

Thirdly, students usually become independent when composing their thesis statements. Thus, they fail to consult tutors or advisors as well as colleagues to review the thesis before coming up with the best thesis. Lastly, students usually give a poor citation of the source of information leading to plagiarism.

Tips on how to write a perfect thesis

According to, when writing a perfect thesis statement, students need to follow the following tips.

  1. Brainstorm on the topic that interests you.
  2. Research the topic
  3. Plan on the structure of the thesis statement and consult your supervisor
  4. Select the best tense especially active voice when writing the statement
  5. Develop a debatable claim
  6. Divide the thesis statement into three parts
  7. Specify the topic and summary of the easy
  8. Specify the purpose of the easy
  9. Give the evidence supporting the claim

Why you need to revise a thesis statement after you have written it

Students usually ignore the revision part after completing their thesis statements. Therefore, most of the students perform poorly after completing their thesis. Henceforth, a student should revise all their thesis statements to ensure that the thesis is free from grammatical errors, spelling errors and technical issues that usually result in delays and low grades. Besides, performing thorough revision minimize costs, stress, and impacts on a career.

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