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How To Write High-Quality Essays On Any Topic

Cranking out papers in record time is a writer’s work. However, for a student, writing essays and academic papers can be a daunting experience. It involves brainstorming, researching, outlining and drafting before the actual writing begins. You also need to add citations and pesky references. These are not significant milestones for seasoned writers, which is why most grad students outsource paper writing services. Several online platforms offer essay writing services at an affordable fee. However, each student and professor has unique requirements for the essay. It is still essential to know some basics when it comes to writing academic essays. Here is a brief guideline with insights on how to complete a full essay on any topic.

How To Write High-Quality Essays On Any Topic

  1. Understand the topic before you start researching

Spending hours writing content that strays away from the question in the essay is one of the amateur mistakes. If you don’t understand what the topic is all about, ask your professor for clarification. This will make it easier to find resources and information about the subject. Professors have profound knowledge and experience in their field, so it is easy for them to assume certain things are obvious. If you find the topic or instructions a little vague, they can help you understand the assignment and how it should shape up.

  1. Research, but not for too long

Research is crucial when writing essays. You need to have enough information to put in the body of the article and credible references to cite. Once you understand the topic, you can start researching online or visit the library to find books. Efficiency is vital when it comes to research. It is recommendable to time yourself and spend a minimum time sourcing your information. Often, writers get stuck looking for one extra point or reference. As a rule of thumb, it should not take you more than 3 hours to research a typical 5-page essay. Make sure you find a calm environment to complete your research.

  1. Create an outline

It is recommendable to create a flat outline of your essay before you start writing. This includes your subtopics, bullets, quotes and references. You can start creating a draft while you research. Creating an outline is very easy. It merely involves noting down the topics you are going to tackle in the order you want them to appear. Since you will edit the essay according to the standard format, this flat outline only helps you note down the crucial points. It also makes it easier to start writing. You can start with the body and then finish with the intro and conclusion.

  1. Create the perfect writing environment

Once you have the research and outline, the remaining task is the core of your essay. It is time to begin writing. You need to pick the perfect day and spot. Avoid noisy environments that will distract you. Aside from procrastination, distraction is the biggest impediment to completing an essay in time. You can find a studious space anywhere, including in the quiet end of the library, a coffee shop, or a dorm room. Make the space comfortable and assemble everything you need to begin writing. You should also block all distractions such as movies and social media until you are done writing.

  1. Edit later using the standard format

It is tempting to edit on the go, especially since it motivates you to write better quality. However, while this may work for web articles, essays are slightly different. You need to note down all the key points and remain within the topic. It is advisable to complete the heavy-lifting (writing) part before you begin editing. Essays already have a standard structure to follow, depending on the assignment. Once you have covered all the essential areas and met your word count, use the standard format to edit your work and bring it to the level your professor expects.

  1. Find external assistance

While you can complete an essay without external help, it is highly recommendable to have someone else go through your work, especially after sitting down for hours. Your performance will naturally drop as you edge closer to the conclusion. Using another person to proofread and edit the essay can help you catch other human errors that your eyes are too tired to notice. They may also provide new insights to make your points better. You can even hire essay editing services from reputable writing platforms.


Writing is all about understanding what you are writing about and using the required format. There are numerous resources to help you research any given topic and editing services will also bring your work to the required standard. If you find essay writing overwhelming, you can always hire professional writers to handle the task. It is also recommendable to focus on quality work instead of quantity. If the professor requested a 5-page essay, make it exceptional instead of providing 8 pages of “okay” content.

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