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How to Win Playing Online Casino Video Slots Games

Anyone can tell you that video slots are purely based on luck and there is no way you can ensure you win, but a pro player will tell you differently. There are indeed methods to, maybe not winning, but adjusting the odds to work in your favour and give you a better chance of winning. The greatest thing about video slots is that there are thousands to choose from, so playing a number of these in search of the ultimate one can be fun. If you want to improve your chances of winning, follow these tips and change the outcome of your game. Sign up here when you feel like taking these tips out for a spin.

Online Casino Video Slots Games

Choosing a Slot – Return to Player Percentage

Before you just dive in head first you will need to do some homework before you choose a video slot. One of the first things players look at is the RTP % (Return to Player Percentage). This is the amount the game gives back to the player on a deposited amount. The higher the RTP %, the better the chances of the game paying out high returns.


The next factor you need to look at is the volatility of the video slot. This is based on the RTP percentage. Anything ranging below 96.00% is a low volatility slot, 96.00% to 97.00% is medium and anything above that is high. Low to medium volatility slots pay out frequently albeit smaller amounts. These are great for players who get bored easily and enjoy jumping from one game to the next. They are also important to players who need to see a return on their investment in terms of being paid out. The only downfall is that these slots don’t offer big jackpot prizes and the wins are small.

A high variance slot on the other hand, well these are incredibly popular despite paying out on the odd occasion. The reason they are so popular is because although they payout seldom, when they do payout they payout big! Progressive jackpot slots are high variance and usually pay out millions.

Choose a video slot variance to suit your mood and bankroll.

Bankroll and Coin Sizes

If you don’t have a substantial amount in the bank, choose a low variance video slot to play longer but bet medium to high. When wining combinations are formed you stand to win double your money, quickly increasing your bankroll. If you do have a high bankroll choose to play high variance slots, but only if you have patience, otherwise steer clear as you will move from one progressive to another losing money fast and loads of it.

Free Games

Play free games to not only practice but to decide which video slots games you prefer, how you prefer to play in terms of coin sizes and which variance slots you are more inclined to play in pussy888thai. Change the way you see luck and make it happen for yourself!
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