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How to Win More Games in Valorant

Valorant is a fairly new first-person shooter game that’s complex and challenging. Winning more games is fun and difficult at the same time.

Ranking up is a big achievement even for professional players. There are ways to improve your performance and rank up fast.

Apart from availing Valorant rank boost services, you can also use the following tips.

How to Win More Games in Valorant

Study Every Agent

Understand what every agent does.

The first step in playing well and winning more games in Valorant is knowing what every agent does.

You can play anyone from the 11 available agents, and each of them has a range of abilities:

  • Breach
  • Brimstone
  • Jett
  • Omen
  • Cypher
  • Reyna
  • Raze
  • Phoenix
  • Sage
  • Sova
  • Viper

It might get a little bit boring, but learning every agent’s ability pays off when you’re playing.

Choose Your Favorite Crosshair and Sens

Find time to find the best crosshair that fits your playing style. Also, find the best sensitivity that works for you.

If you are a newbie in FPS games, you can try copying a pro’s crosshair if you think that’d be useful. Try out the Practice Range and test out crosshairs and sens.

Train Your Aim

This is a shooting game — you want to train your aiming abilities.

There are aim-training tools in-game. You can also hop into the Practice Range and warm up before going into matches.

And if that doesn’t help, try the following:

  • Upgrade Your Mouse – invest in a gaming mouse if you haven’t already. A great gaming mouse lets you tinker with sens and offers superior sensor than the usual mouse.
  • Upgrade Your Mouse Pad – of course, don’t forget a better mouse pad to complement your gaming mouse.
  • Position Your Crosshair Strategically – you can move your crosshair at a certain height on-screen and strategically positioning it for better aim.
  • Recoil and Spray – different weapons have different recoil and spray patterns. Get used to every recoil and spray pattern and practice using them to your advantage.

Better aim means better Kill-to-Death ratio, and better K-D ratios mean more chances of winning the game.

Strategize with Your Team

Valorant is meant to be played with a team. So don’t go lone ranger on them.

There are two ways you can strategize:

  • Have the right composition
  • Avoid solo queuing

With the best team composition, you can coordinate with your teammates better. At the start of the round, pick agents that complement each other’s abilities and ultimates.

Then, avoid solo queuing as much as possible. After all, there is still a huge chance for you to be matched with a five-stack even if you solo queue.

Additionally, do not use your teammates as baits to achieve the stats. It’s far better to coordinate and work together since the only way to rank up is if your team wins the game.

Learn from the Experts

Valorant pros are almost always eager to teach fellow players. And even if Valorant is still in its early days, plenty of gaming pros have already developed their strategies and playing styles.

Learn how these pros play their agents, adjust their crosshairs and sens, use weapons, and use abilities. Then, incorporate these learnings into your style.

Lastly, Have Fun

No matter how competitive you get, don’t forget that having fun is a top priority. Play with an attitude that lets you compete well with other players and work with them at the same time.

Even if you lose rounds consecutively, or even whole games, remember that staying on the having-fun mode will keep your momentum and positivity intact even as you lose the game.

Have fun and good luck winning more games!

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