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How to use QR Codes for Innovative Classroom Learning?

QR Codes for Innovative Classroom Learning

We live in a technologically driven world. In this generation, digital devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. undeniably play a huge factor that contributes massively to advance student learning. The use of the QR Code is one technological aspect that has been gaining global popularity, and is, extensively used worldwide for various purposes even in the education sector.

QR codes are quickly accessible through smartphones and QR code reader apps that, when scanned, will decode the information embedded on the QR Code. It could link to a video, image, text, or a word file that will allow more engaging and interactive learning for students, than the usual printed hand-outs or materials.

According to research conducted, a whopping 94 percent of students want to use their smartphones in class for academic purposes. Thus, incorporating e-learning through QR codes in classrooms can be a great advantage for teachers and students!

How to use QR Codes in classrooms

Library Audio Book Place QR codes in your classroom library that will link to an audio. This offers a real book to study but with a digital element that offers the best of both worlds.

Check-out educational videos- You can link QR codes directly to informative videos that will provide your students with better understanding of a subject matter ~visually~. Moreover, it increases class participation rate!

Treasure Hunt- Get your students physically active by providing them activities that will move them around the room!

 How to do a treasure hunt activity?

  • Make a treasure box and put a price/award inside of anyone who can find it!
  • Use a free QR Code generator with logo and make text QR codes (it’s free)
  • Add different clues in the text field provided
  • Print the QR Codes and paste it in the different areas of your classroom
  • Make sure that the embedded information in the QR code will lead them to the next QR Code for a clue
  • The last QR Code must lead the student to the treasure box!
  • And you’re done!

It’s a fun activity for students that will raise their awareness of the technology. Futhermore, it will also enhance their reading and motor skills.

Research Compilation- let your students create a QR code linked to articles, videos, or items that they discover, or they did during research. It can be exhibited in your research lab that will give your students a sense of fulfillment after a laborious project.

Go eco-friendly- Instead of providing the class with paper hand-outs. Use QR Codes to provide them quick and easy access to instructional materials or assignments. It’s one way to go green by eliminating paper usage!

Simplify reports- let your students scan the QR code that will redirect them straight to videos, articles or websites that you want you them to access and study.

Promote an interactive classroom calendar- if you have upcoming classroom activities, events or reminders, you can attach a QR Code to your classroom calendar dates that will point them to information about the said activity.

Word Wall QR Codes- make text QR codes embedded with words or text phrases. Let your students scan the code, and whatever word pops up, instruct them to write it down on the word wall. It’s one way of practicing their reading skills! Create your text QR codes for free with QRTIGER the best QR code generator now.

Word Wall QR Codes

Student Identification- Eliminate the extra effort of entering students’ details manually by generating a QR code for each one of them, which will encode their personal information. It saves you time by making advanced student identification cards using QR Codes!

QR Codes in Botanical Gardens- When it comes to science-related subjects, learning through visuals is always the best. Place a QR Code on each plant species that will point them to a landing page explaining the characteristics of the plant, which plant kingdom they belong, the scientific names, etc.

QR Codes in Botanical Gardens

Access help for students- You can link the QR code to sources that will assist the students for help. For instance, if they have trouble or getting stuck at solving a Math problem or writing or an essay project, they can scan QR code that will redirect them to video tutorials, which will guide or help them to get things done. This will serve as a learning aid for students!

Check Students Work- create a QR code answer key for your students to check their work after they’re done!

Final verdict:

QR Codes have a variety of educational applications. It promotes an interactive learning environment inside and even outside of classrooms! E-learning is useful for students, especially from kindergarten to 12th grade, where the basic foundation of knowledge should be strongly founded.

Through QR codes, it will upgrade and boost students learning through visuals, and is one way to reshape and improve the learning practices of schools.

You can embed a QR Code in materials like PDF, audio, text or website links and the information is directly shared with students with precise and ease. It creates a more flexible classroom environment! It’s fast, quick, and convenient for school institutions, teachers, and students.

Thus, QR Codes are a great learning tool to incorporate.

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