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How to Upgrade to Sony TVs & Music Systems for a Thrilling Experience at Home

Regardless of the number of devices you may own, a TV will always be your go-to gadget for entertainment. With it, you can enjoy a show or movie together with your family or friends right in your living room. A TV coupled with a great music system and a subscription to HD content services, allows you to immerse yourself in a theatre-like experience right at home! By getting the latest Sony TV in the market, you gain access to next-generation hardware that takes your viewing experience a notch above the rest.

With resolutions up to 4K and screens over the 55-inch mark, Sony TVs are a top choice for consumers across India. They are known for their crisp colour quality, vibrant tones and almost life-like picture. However, to enjoy visuals with the latest Sony TV and upgrade your audio experience with a Sony music system, you must be prepared to shell out a sizable sum. Rather than making an outright purchase that goes over your budget, you can shop for electronics on EMI via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network and make big-ticket purchases affordably.

The EMI Network is among the largest in India with over 60,000 partnered retailer stores spread across 1,300 cities. This wide network makes it easy for you to get your electronics on EMI at a preferred retailer close to you or online. What’s more, you can opt to repay over a flexible tenor of 3 to 24 months and enjoy nil foreclosure charges after your first instalment. When you purchase this festive season, you also get assured gift vouchers worth up to Rs.9,500 from Netflix, Big Bazaar and MakeMyTrip on minimum purchases of and over Rs.15,000. All you have to do is use your EMI Network Card at checkout or opt for in-store financing and take home your new Sony TV or music system on easy No Cost EMIs.

Now that you have a smart way to finance such a purchase, take a look a few Sony products that can upgrade your entertainment at home.

Sony A9F 55-inch OLED TV

This 4K Sony TV can truly deliver the highest quality visuals and it features Sony’s new ‘MASTER’ series technology that works in unison with the X1 Ultimate picture processor. The engine dynamically recognises objects every few frames and intelligently boosts colour, contrasts and highlights for vibrant visuals. To complement these efforts, the A9F is equipped with Acoustic Surface Audio+ to deliver concert-hall sound quality in your home. This is backed by 3 actuators and 2 powerful subwoofers that further accentuate your viewing experience.

Onto the display panel, Sony’s OLED technology is carefully calibrated to prevent image burn-in with help from the picture processor. This is also a TRILUMINOUS display that excels at reproducing the primary colours with brilliant accuracy.

All in all, the A9F features among the premium range of Sony TVs and one that will definitely add style and sophistication to any room it is placed in. Further, its smart compatibility also allows you to enjoy endless programming across numerous platforms.

Sony MHC-V82D Party Speaker with Bluetooth

When it comes to portable sound systems, this Sony Party Speaker is one of the best you can get. With 360-degree sound output capabilities and the Jet Bass Booster technology, you can set up your very own discotheque, whenever you want! Further, it also comes ready with a 360-degree party and speaker light that you can use to recreate natural nightclub or outdoor music festival setting.

In terms of hardware, this party speaker has 5 angled speaker units. These consist of 4 mid-range speakers and 1 rear tweeter. Additionally, it also has the Jet Bass Booster feature that concentrates the airflow through 2 ducts on the speaker so that you can literally feel the bass coming through the sound. It also runs on the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine that ensures compressed music files have full detail restored so that they can play in full quality.

Sony X75F 55-inch 4K LCD TV

The younger version of the OLED series of Sony TVs, the X75F sports a 55-inch 4K LED panel that can dynamically upscale any visual to the highest quality possible. This is because the X-Reality PRO enhances scenes and frames in real-time based on Sony’s unique database to output the most accurate hues, colour and highlights for 4K. Further, this TV has the ClearAudio+ feature that promises a clear and powerful acoustic experience for most settings.

Additionally, it is also a smart TV and allows you to access the AndroidTV platform through which you can access endless streams of content on Netflix, YouTube and more. The LED technology in this television is a close competitor to the OLED Bravia and you can bank on this one to output near-perfect quality.

Sony HT-IV300 home cinema system

A home cinema system is the perfect companion to any TV or entertainment set and this Sony cinema system is one of the best of the lot. It features the S-Master Digital Amplifier that reproduces digital audio signals and performs harmonic restoration simultaneously to give you studio-like quality. It also has surround sound capabilities courtesy of the Dolby Pro Logic standard to accurately position sound effects in order to give you an immersive experience.

In terms of connectivity, you enjoy the benefit of Bluetooth and the NFC interface, allowing you to pair all your other devices instantly and effortlessly. As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for something discrete and powerful to pair with your TV, the HT-IV300 is a great option to consider.

All of the above-mentioned products are among the best in their category and price point that ensure you get maximum value for your money. It is important to pair a good Sony TV with a sound system that can output at a similar level of quality simply because the powerful audio must accompany equally striking visuals. Therefore, make a smart choice when shopping for your new TV and buy it on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network affordably. To get started, check your pre-approved offer for tailored EMI financing deal and enjoy a hassle-free checkout too!

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Suumit Shah
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