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Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Supercharge Your Business Website

Is your WordPress (WP) website SEO optimized for Google? What measures have you taken so far? Is your WordPress tech support well done? If you do not have answers to these questions, you need to assess your website performance. Even if you have taken some action, you can do a lot more to optimize your website with WP plugins. When it comes to these tools, they help your website to rank top in the search results of Google, especially the top five positions in the SERPs. Whether you have a website, website, or a multi-page e-commerce website, Google has an important role to play to drive quality traffic to your website, generate leads, and turn your prospects into your loyal patrons.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins To Supercharge Your Business Website


WP plugins are SEO-friendly and out-of-the-box solutions to boost the performance of your business website. Though there are countless WP plugins, you need to integrate a couple of them to make your website up and running. It could be anything like WordPress SEO, XML sitemap, Yoast, and more.

According to an article published on, SumoMe is a WP plug-in to let you display a custom pop up window to your website visitors. It is one of the best ways to develop your email list and the tool includes Mailchimp as well as other email marketing products.

There are approximately thousands of WP plugins to power your website and make it optimized for Google and Bing. Then, it is not easy to pick the one that suits your website needs.WP plugins make your website a valuable platform for readers online looking for unique information. That is why you need to choose the best plugins so that visitors find your content easily and access the information. Here are some of the best WP plugins that will boost the rankings of your website in the search pages of Google:

All in One SEO Pack

You probably know about Yoast and if used it, there is nothing like it. Then, you can opt for the All in One SEO Pack; the name itself is self-explanatory. The plug-in since 2007 has made the life of webmasters easy with a user-friendly tool to overcome the many challenges of SEO. You do not require any prior experience if you want to use this plug-in. When you know how to read and enter the right information in the appropriate fields, you can use this WP plug-in like a pro. That is what is expected from webmasters. There are a couple of inputs and you do not need to do anything at all. It is as simple as that.

Stick with the default options that are best if you want to improve your site’s SEO. The best features of the plug-in are auto-optimization of titles for Google and Bing, XML sitemap, Google Analytics support, automatic Meta tag creation, and theflexibility to take precedence over any setting and avoid duplicate content that has an adverse impact on Google rankings. Again, you can learn more about website optimization tools on websites like New York SEO or similar platforms.

Broken Link Checker

When you have countless posts and content on your website, it is not easy to manage it all. It is when you need WP plugins such as Broken Link Checker. The tool scans your website content for broken links and missing visuals. If you have developed your website professionally, you will not get any alerts that something is wrong with your business website. Then, do not make assumptions because you will receive notifications about website errors. That is because to err is human as the famous adage runs.

Once you are notified that your website has broken links, take it in a positive manner and do the needful. Focus on things,whichare best for your website such as content creation so that you never need to fret over broken links on your website in the future.

The best features of Broken Link Checker include detecting links that do not work, monitoring links in web pages, posts, custom fields, and comments. The plug-in also offers broken links a unique appearance in website posts and the choice to prevent Google or Bing from trailing broken links. The plug-in makes your website clutter-free from broken links because they have a negative effect on search rankings and overall user experience.

W3 Total Cache

Have you focused on your website speed, of late and its effect on Google rankings? If no, it is high time that you integrate W3 Total Cache into your website for improving page load speed. Visitors will not like it if your site takes several minutes to load. Many site owners do not pay much heed to page speed, and then Google is very clear that it is one of the key factors affecting rankings. Therefore, it is something you cannot afford to ignore.

Use this WP plug-in to boost site speed and overall visitor experience. There is a huge list of users includingbignames such as Mashable and AT&T. You are doing the right thing when installing W3 Total Cache.

The plug-in has many benefits to improve the performance of your website. Be it a page or post caching or minification of third-party JavaScript and CSS, the plug-in has some of the best features to take your website to the next level. If you have not used this plug-in, opt for it and you will benefit.


It is natural to be caught up when it comes to the optimization of your website. That is because you have too many WP plugins, but you must use the one that best suits your website needs. Take some time out of your busy schedule, research online, read SEO and WP books or journals to make an informed decision. Of course, you have the list of plugins and can use any of these or all to improve your site’s performance, but learning is a continuous process. Therefore, you need to study and research more about the latest plugins and tools to take your business website to the next level. Good luck!

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