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How To Target Affluent Customers Via Facebook Ads

Wondering how to effectively target affluent individuals on Facebook who will be happy to become your customers and spend money on your products and services? Read this article and discover the top five ways to find and target wealthy customers with Facebook Ads.

How To Target Affluent Customers Via Facebook Ads

The power of Facebook is truly amazing. Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. Most likely, so are your customers. All customer groups are on Facebook, including high-income individuals. The question is how to find them and get them to visit your website, request more information, get dedicated technical support or take any other desired action you want them to take.

But wait – why do we want to target affluent customers? Because it makes no sense to offer a product or service to people who cannot afford it. You want to offer it to those who can afford it, preferably those who can easily afford doing business with you. Therefore, no doubt is left that finding customers who freely spend is a must. So, how do you find them via Facebook Ads? Here are the key parameters to target:

  • Latest iPhone models owners (and all those own expensive smartphones)
  • Frequent international travelers
  • Business owners
  • Residents of wealthy areas
  • High-income job titles

Besides these tips, you can try to think yourself of some other distinguishing characteristics which can point you to rich customers. In the meanwhile, we are going to explain how to utilize each of the above in detail.

Owners of Expensive Smartphones

If a person owns the latest model of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy it probably means that he or she is an affluent customer. Facebook provides you with the option to target owners of such devices.

Frequent International Travelers

Similarly to iPhone owners, people who travel frequently tend to be wealthy. Facebook provides you with an option to target people who have traveled abroad more than one time in the last six months.

Business Owners

Most likely, if an individual owns a business he or she must have a pretty high income compared to the rest of population. In our era of entrepreneurship when being one has become “cool” and everyone has “owner/founder” tagline in their Instagram or Facebook profile, some people who tag themselves as business owners may not be that wealthy at all. However, there still is a high probability that targeting business owners you will be able to reach many wealthy individuals. Facebook provides such an option in its targeting settings.

Residents of Wealthy Areas

Facebook has great geo-targeting options. With them, you can reach wealthy customers by targeting wealthy residential areas. It’s no secret than many rich people live in special closed areas where only high-income individuals live as real estate prices there are quite high. You can do research and create a list of such areas, and then use Facebook’s geotargeting options to shows your ads to the people living in those areas.

High-Income Job Titles

A person with a job title of a CEO or lawyer is most likely to be a wealthy individual. Therefore, create a list of such high-income job titles and use it in your targeting settings.

Bonus Tip: Utilize a Lookalike Audience

Once you’ve successfully implemented all these targeting parameters in your Facebook Ads settings, the next big idea is to use a lookalike audience. What is a lookalike audience, you ask? It’s an option to have Facebook target a broader audience which closely resembles the one you are currently targeting. This will allow to successfully scale your campaign and get larger results by reaching a wider audience.

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Final Words

Facebook Ads work. There is no question about that. But they work only if you do them right. Many entrepreneurs start running ads without having a slightest idea of how set targeting correctly, how to write copy for ads, and so forth. And when they get no results, they claim that Facebook advertising does not work.

One of the main reasons why their campaigns fail is they are targeting the wrong people. Otherwise, they are not targeting those who are wealthy enough to freely afford their products and services. Today we have shown you how to target such people. Now it’s your turn to go out there and implement what you’ve learned. Good luck!

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