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How to Take Your Gaming Hobby to the Next Level?

Many of us are quite satisfied with coming home from work and relaxing with a video game for an hour or so, but some of us want to take things to the next level. It wasn’t so long ago that the only way you could make money from video games was by designing them, but nowadays eSports are becoming ever more mainstream and even more lucrative. As well as this, iGaming is now accessible over a range of devices, giving people the opportunity to win money from their card-playing skills. If you’re thinking of turning your hobby into a side hustle, then read on to find out more.

Treat it Like a Job

If you want to make it to the level of professional eSports teams then you have to start to treat your hobby like a job. This isn’t to say that you can’t enjoy it, gaming can be the most satisfying job in the world, but you will need to develop some discipline. Starting to use a planner to allow yourself an adequate amount of practice time is a good place to begin. Those at the top of their game train for around eight hours each day and although you’re unlikely to be able to fit that in, squeezing in a couple of hours should be possible for even those with a busy schedule.

Utilize All of Your Skills

If online casino games are your preference, then try to opt for card games like poker or blackjack where you can put your skills to the best use. Whilst it is possible to win money on slot machines and roulette, the element of skill is far less than in a card game and thus your chances of winning aren’t increased through rigorous practice. As well as this, poker bonuses can make sure that your play money stretches further, giving you the opportunity to play more, and possibly win more, for the same initial stake. Managing your play money cleverly and only playing games where skills and strategy can help you will pay off in the long run.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Although we’re not suggesting you rush out immediately and splurge thousands of dollars on a gaming PC, there are certain things that will really help your gameplay to improve. A noise-canceling headset is a great way to ensure that during your scheduled in gaming time, you can’t be interrupted. Top-of-the-range headsets will cost upwards of $400, but you can pick up sets with all of the functions you’ll initially need for closer to the $150 mark. Logitech makes particularly good sets at entry-level prices that are easy to customize if you do decide that you want to upgrade.

A gaming chair is another necessary investment that you should make. Although gaming is not seen as an active hobby, it is crucial to protect your spine. Many of us slouch on the sofa to play games and it does us no good at all. For as little as $100 you could easily protect your back. The other benefit is these chairs are designed to give you maximum movement in your arms and hands, meaning that not only will your back feel great, your gameplay could improve too.

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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