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How To Stalk On Instagram: 6 Tips And Tricks

Are you wondering how to stalk someone on Instagram without getting caught? Then you are in the right place. You probably have reasons for using an Instagram account to learn more about someone you don’t know well. Maybe you want to know what your competitors are up to or to determine whether your crush is seeing someone.

How To Stalk On Instagram
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While it’s easy to open someone’s profile and view their posts, the same cannot be said about private accounts or Instagram stories. Your only option is to view it anonymously. Of course, you want to avoid those stressful moments after you accidentally expose yourself snooping around.

That said, the following tips will come in handy when you need to stalk discreetly:

1. Use A Private Instagram Viewer

Stalking becomes difficult when your target has a private Instagram account. Even if you know their names, it won’t be helpful if they have a private account. The easy way to view a private account is by sending a follow-request and then waiting for their permission to access their account.

However, if you want to be anonymous, use an Instagram viewer. A private Instagram viewer offers free profile viewing options without survey or human verification. Even though many apps promise to provide you with these options, most of them are scams. It would be best to consider private viewers like and other trustworthy providers. These websites are safe to use, and you can open them on any browser using any device.

2. Establish Their Close Connections

Instagram remains a popular social media network making it an excellent place to dig for information about people. According to statistics, many people worldwide use Instagram daily for various purposes. This suggests that your target’s friends and family are likely to have Instagram accounts. Consider searching for their close family and friends and stalking them through those connections. The only downside is that you will find limited information, which may not satisfy your curiosity.

Stalk On Instagram

3. Find Out Their Name

Instagram stalking is a lot easier when you already know the name of your target. Searching for their name will bring all profiles listed under that name, from which you may choose your target. If they have a public profile, start liking all their content. However, don’t watch their Instagram stories because they will find out. Remember that Instagram also shows the number of times someone has replayed your story. Doing this will defeat the purpose of your search.

Another avenue to find out about your target’s Instagram user name would be through mutual friends who may know her outside social media. Ask them about your target’s Instagram username, and then do a quick search. However, remember that your mutual friend can share this information with them. So, it’s best to swear them to secrecy before asking for the information.

You could also consider a quick search online about where they work. A list of all the employees will come up if it’s a big company. The ease of surveillance that comes with technology means you can find someone’s information quickly. For instance, if your target has a LinkedIn account, their name will pop up. Once you get the name, go to Instagram and search.

4. Make Use of the Tagged Photo Feature

The tagged photo feature shows photos that other people have posted and tagged your target. The feature provides additional information about where your target works, family connections, friends, and, more importantly, if they have a significant other.

If your target mainly posts pictures of exciting things, this feature will be of great use, especially when you’re trying to put together pieces of their life.

5. Create a Finstagram Account

Desperate times call for desperate measures. A Finstagram account is simply a fake Instagram account. Even though it seems like a pretty desperate way, creating a fake profile could be the easiest way for you to stalk your target.

Creating a fake account is easy. Just pick the desired username and add a few photos sourced from royalty-free sites. Make sure you also have some dummy followers and celebrities, then send a follow request to your target. If they accept it, you can proceed with your quest.

6. Borrow Your Friend’s Account

If you only want to check your target’s information anonymously as a one-time thing, then ask for help from your friend or family. Ask their permission to access your target’s info using their Instagram account. You may even find out that your friend or family is already a follower of your target. If this is the case, access their profile and collect as much information as you deem necessary.

Final Word

Stalking someone on Instagram and other social media sites is a guilt everyone has experienced at some point in their life. While we should respect everyone’s privacy, sometimes we want a quick innocent search about someone that’s captured our interest, may it be for business or personal reasons. To be safe, consider signing up for a private Instagram viewer if you need to stalk someone discreetly.


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