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How To Select A Domain Name For Your Website

Domain names are the covers that the people use to judge your book (website) on the Internet. Since the domain is frequently the very first thing that any browsing user sees, it requires sending the correct message and a suitably professional vibe.

Hence getting it correct from the beginning is very essential. Certainly, it is possibly one of the most essential decisions to make when it comes to applying to your website. The correct domain is all about being found repeatedly and easily by those who wish to visit, and attaining this is not a child’s play. In addition to this, one more advantage of having a domain name is you can add a domain email address. This looks more professional than one which contains to a Gmail or Yahoo account.

Select A Domain Name For Your Website

Select A Domain Name For Your Website

Here are some tips that can be used while selecting a domain name.

Keep It Short

The more words or alphabets you ask users to type in, the more are the odds that they will make some kind of a typo. They will enter the incorrect thing and will fail to reach you. A length of 6 alphabets is perfect, and you surely need not more than 8 characters.

Get The Correct Domain Extension

When the Internet first started there were comparatively few options for extensions (the last alphabets after the “.” in the URL). Most businesses employed “.com” while others chose “.org” as an option. Nowadays every nation has a 2–3 letter code, and the number of subject differences is important. These are the most widely used:

  • .info: Informational sites
  • .co: An abbreviation for commerce, company, or community
  • .org: Non-profits or non-commercial organizations
  • .net: Normally these are web infrastructure websites
  • .me –Personal sites or blogs
  • .biz: Commercial or business use, for those that do not need to go with “.com”

And often you can find these merged with geological extensions, such as “” (a firm in the UK).

For big companies, it is sensible to take all the primary subdomains for their selected name and redirect them to either regionalized versions or the same site.

Whatever you select, remember that picking the correct extension can be the difference between being invisible and being found.

If you have any doubts, opt for “.com” since it is still believed to be the best option for commercial bodies with a worldwide market attendance, and it sends a vibe that you are a professional operator.

Check Current Domains

If you have a name for your website, the very first thing to do is verify if somebody else has already enrolled by that domain. GoDaddy has the best tool for performing this search. You may also need to check palpable misspellings of that domain and mull over registering them to bring those users to you.

Having a name that is very akin to a different website can end with a confused user or legal challenge, or worse both. So be careful while picking something that is clearly you, and not or

Perform A Language Check

A language check may appear a strange thing to perform, but a word that appears inoffensive in English may have less wonderful meaning in different languages. Investing heavily on branding only to find that a site name is inadvertently insulting to users on the other end of the world is not a perfect scenario.

For instance, Ford faced this issue when the firm rolled out the Ford Kuga. After the global launch of the product, they were told that in the Balkans, “Kuga” means Black Death, which was responsible for the death of almost 200 Million Europeans between 1347 and 1351.

There are much worse instances of this kind of error, hence always perform a language check.

Conduct Trademark Searches

Employing a word or even a fraction of a word that a different company business has trademarked can be very problematical. This is particularly true if the word you have come up with is a made-up one, it is not covered below the protections provided by common usage.

A fine place to verify this is This site will display you if a word has been employed on social media websites or even if the word has been employed as a trademark in a domain.

Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

As a practice, avoid underscores and also hyphens since they can easily be confused. And normally avoid numbers for the same reason, since the letter “o” and a zero are also hard to distinguish between.

Consider Aiming Locally

If you do not have large-scale ambitions and you are just operating a hat repair service in Utah (instance), then is a perfect choice. Adding the place in the name of your business portal will likely bring anybody in the surrounding region to your website when they look for hat repairs.

The only caution to this plan is that Boston, for instance, is not only in Massachusetts. There is the one more Boston in England and extra 15 in the US, a couple in Ireland, South Africa, Costa Rica, Uzbekistan, and Columbia, and others in Peru, Jamaica, Cuba, Italy, Andorra, and Bolivia. Again, be certain to take into consideration each angle when selecting a name.

Memorable Is Better

Easy to remember sites are much more expected to be found, and they are also simpler to pass on by mouth publicity. Keeping the latter in mind, it also assists if the name is simple to pronounce, and relying on if you are looking at a worldwide audience, check whether it is easy to pronounce in different languages apart from English.

Coming up with something memorable and snappy can be difficult, but finding a name that fits these criteria will have a positive effect on the level of traffic.

Try A Word Generator

If you are out of ideas, you can always go for online word generators that take primary words and combine them in interesting manners. You can try TextFixer, for example.

Now that you had a look at the tips, you are all set to get a domain name for your website. All you need to do is keep the above tips in mind before you finalize your domain name. Be very cautious since a single mistake can ruin your pleasure of running a website. Also, if you feel that this article was helpful, do let us know by commenting your valuable feedback below. In addition to this, if you have any other tips apart from the ones mentioned above, feel free to write to us by commenting below.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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