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7 Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Website User Experience – Sell Now

In a nutshell, the usability is making a website effortless enough to operate for the users who are landing on the site and browsing it. A common misconception amongst the web design companies is that it’s pretty expensive to implement usability on websites. While there are companies which invest thousands of dollars in usability research and tests. But if you are an everyday company with mid-level assets, what would you do?

7 Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Website User Experience – Sell Now

Well, there is a way also for you where you can obtain a great amount of usability without consulting experts or spending money. These tricks are handpicked and practiced by the most proficient web development companies like Intlum Technology. So, you can completely trust them and implement them on your site.

Understanding of Audience

Make sure you are aware of your audience. In order to create usability, you need to understand who your audience is and how they are going to use your website. The best interface should come from the individuals who use the interface. However, laying out is another hassle to go through. Your idea should be clear of how the design can bring eyeballs to your site and how they will be led to the conversion funnel for the ultimate profit. You may study the best websites in the field and evaluate the best and the worst aspects of the website. Then, it’s your turn to implement the best and improve the rest. Once you have made your website design for the audience, make sure you are receiving their actionable feedback to improve your site further.

Add A Tagline

A tagline is something that represents a website’s mission or motto in a single eye-catchy line. The tagline should always be displayed on the front page of your website which should always give a clear indication of what your website is all about in a single phrase. As the research says, each website has merely 8 seconds on an average to capture the user attention. So, if you want your users to keep browsing your site, start creating and implementing great phrases. Without a clear and nice tagline, your website is just the showpiece which would be visited and left.

Simple and Consistent Website

Simplicity always makes sense and always will. By simplicity, we never mean keeping one or two buttons or some animation to enhance the interest quotient. Rather, you need to work on making every component of your website immensely easy to understand and interactable. Your website users should never struggle while browsing and operating your website; especially, the navigation. Being an interface designer, it’s your duty to guide the users throughout the time spent on your site from the current standpoint to where they need to go. In order to achieve this simplicity, the user feedback, colors and typographies need to be taken into consideration. Consistent design is another aspect of a usable website. This means you should never opt for incorporating different design for each segment of your website. Rather, all the parts should follow a design scheme.

7 Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Website User Experience – Sell Now

Make Use of White Space

You will find most of the people complaining and talking about using the white space for more advertisements. What they don’t understand is white space is one of the best ways of creating a clutter-free design which is synonymous with a well-designed web page. The white space of your web page makes all the texts of your web page much easier to read and allows the users focus on the components around the text. Well, if you want to get a lot of content above the fold, using too much white space may come in your way and interrupt you from displaying the valuable information. Thus, you need to find the balance between the information you want to convey to your website users and the white space which will be surrounding the information.

Make Attractive CTAs

Call to Action buttons are something that directly help you grab the users and lead them to the sales funnel. A CTA is generally crafted with the action words which instigate the users to take an action and lead them to the next segment where they should move. Now, when you are designing the buttons, you should always prioritize the text and the color of the button as these two would have a tremendous effect on the success of the CTA. According to the color psychology, different colors convey different messages. And you need to understand those colors and pick one which suits your message. The following thing is adding text to the button which would compel the users to take the action you want them to take. If you’re choosing the right color-word combination, you will surely get the success.

Use Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is one of the most vital elements of a website. The visual hierarchy conveys the organization and arrangement of the website elements from the most important to the least important. This helps the website owners to convey the users which action to take first and which action not to. While you are optimizing the usability and user experience of your website, it is too important to lead the users to the most important elements at the very first. The main goal is to compel the visitors to take the actions how you want them to. However, you need to pay attention to the aspect that users don’t feel forced to take any action. The hierarchy should be natural. The structure, color, and elements will play pivotal roles in creating an amazing visual hierarchy for your site that sells. Click here

Responsive Design

We have kept the point at last and that may be surprising for you! You may be thinking how such an important factor of usability comes last! Well, almost every little to big article covers and writes almost a novel about responsive design and its impact on the usability. That’s why we have kept it at the last. Since you already have got some idea how this thing works. Responsive design is the optimization of making your website fit into the different screen sizes. Without responsiveness, your website is nothing but a failure these days. Along with the announcement of Google Mobile Indexing, responsiveness has remained being not only the matter of user experience and usability but it has also become one of the prime factors for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process.


So, these are the top 7 usability tips to create a better user experience for your site. Now, it’s up to you how you will use all the tips and make your site a better place for the online visitors to stay and browse. Always remember, the more usable you’ll make your site, the more chances you have flourishing your sales and conversion through the site. So, use the tricks effectively and write us back how your website UX has become.

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