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Top 5 Free Mac Cleaner Software

Have you updated you Mac from OS X to Mac OS Sierra? Are you enjoying the awesome features of the newly updated version of the operating system that Apple has rolled out for its Mac users? Well, we are enjoying them too. But, now the new problem that has arisen in my Mac is limited disk space. Before you blame it on the apps, OS and pictures, videos and such, I’ll tell you the real culprits. Cache files, duplicates, unused apps and such are real space stealers our Mac’s storage.

Top 5 Free Mac Cleaner Software

Apps, files, folders, videos, images and OS do take space on the disk, but this unwanted stuff like the cache files, duplicates and such takeaway the space that we require to store stuff that we want and need.

There is no need to really worry. We have listed down 5 Top Mac cleaner software that are free of cost and those will help you clear away the unwanted stuff that get saved on your disks and take up the valuable space and also, slow down the processor of your Mac.

  1. MacFly pro

One of the most favoured and widely used third party cleaning and maintenance software, MacFly Pro has everything that you may require from the software. It is easy to use and user-friendly and of course, it is free.

MacFly Pro comes with a Smart Assistant home screen that makes it easy to navigate and easy to use. Also, the software gives the user the control to first understand the software and its myriad features and then run the ‘Scan Now’ function manually, unlike most software which does it automatically upon opening the home screen. The Clean-up section has all the features required from maintenance software like System cleaning, Leftovers, Memory and Mail Attachments management.

So, why wait. Download your free MacFly Pro and test it today.

  1. CleanMyMac 3

The latest offering from the MacPaw, CleanMyMac 3 is the updated and advanced version of CleanMyMac software. The software has the ability to remove gigabytes of junks and trash from your Mac in a jiffy. The software identifies common junk from your apps that are frequently used, unused apps, developer index files, and backups.

The software needs to be launched and a manual scanning has to be done and the software scans the disks and presents the result of the search and comes up with various categories such as iPhoto junk, trash, iTunes and system junk and such. Once verified and selected, the junk files can be safely removed from the Mac.

  1. Disk Clean Pro

Again one of the popular cleaning software for Mac, Disk Clean Pro is one click cleaning app. It gives you the freedom to clean your Mac’s disks and increases the Mac’s efficiency and performance with just one click. The software also comes with a Memory Optimizer option that helps in freeing up of RAM by clearing the unused and unwanted files and apps and other junks. It also helps your internet browsing data and details from being embezzled.

The software is designed such that it cleans up large files and intimates the users of the large files present in the disks that can be removed. The software has garnered 4.5 stars from the users.

  1. CCleaner

One software that helps in cleaning up your Mac in addition to managing cookies, repairing permissions and maintaining overall performance of your OS, CCleaner comes in 3 different versions – free, professional and professional plus. Each version has an updated set of feature and functions. Free version is good for anyone looking to clean-up the Mac and free it of trash, junks and such. It helps in freeing up the disk space and other two versions have the capability to segregate the files and categorize the files on that basis, making it easy to clear the unwanted files.

The software comes with a simple interface and easy to use features, making it really user friendly.

  1. Disk Inventory X

Disk Inventory X is free cleaner software for your Mac that helps in providing information regarding your disk usage and the space available. You can know how much space has been occupied by the files, images, videos, unused apps, cache files, duplicates and such in text and video format both, thereby, making it easy to know where lies what.

The software is simple and has a simpler interface and is user friendly. Since the files is segregated into groups and projected as a graphical presentation on the screen, it is easy to see which file type occupies more space on your Mac at just a glance.

With just a click you can get the information regarding the files and folders and decide if you want to keep them or discard them in order to clear up the storage space on your disks.

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