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How To Open The Gun Cabinet Without The Key?

Hello Readers! Here is an interesting thing that you may not have known. Do you know that a person who is most likely trying to gain access to your gun cabinet without any key or code is probably you? This happens when most of the people lose their keys or forget the safe code.

Open The Gun Cabinet Without The Key

It is just a fact, and what it informs you is that in case if you have a safe that uses a key, and you have lost it somewhere, then you are surely going to access it without using any key. But there is nothing to get panic. I know this can be frustrating. But nothing ends there. Find your safe keys, or else you can try out the following quick ideas before contacting a professional, safe opener.

Contact The Safe Manufacturer Company

The first step you can do is to contact the company and provide them the serial and model number of your gun so that they may help you in providing the duplicate key to open your locked gun safe.

Use A Hammer

If you have lost your keys or forgot the passcode of your digital safe cabinet, then you can use a hammer to open it. Have you noticed that there is a key place in the safe cabinet where the private code is provided? Yes, begin by placing the chisel at the corner. Then start banging it on the chisel. Inside that are knobs and screws. Take your chisel and start removing the knobs. After that, you will find a hole. Insert your finger into the hole and press on the button to open your safe.

Use A Paper Clip

Using a paperclip to get access to your safe is another good option. Open one end of a paperclip and insert it into the internal chamber. Now, take a pair of tweezers and turn the paperclip into a counter-clockwise direction until the safe gets unlocked.

Use A Knife

The use of a knife can help you get back to your safe cabinet. But for those who think that safe cabinets are the safest things, they think wrong. There are tricks that many of the people can employ to get into your safe. This trick also includes a knife. Yes, push the knife’s pointed tip into the keyhole and then shake it, this will help in turning the lock into seconds. That’s the most common method of opening safe without the keys.

Using A Magnet

Using a magnet to open your locked safe can be a little trickier method. But yes, this works. So, take a large-sized magnet and insert it into the gym sock. Now find the solenoid. A solenoid usually comes with nickel (the metal used in locking devices). You need to consider that your safe door is the only big thing, move along the end where the door of your safe opens, you should be able to find out the location of the solenoid. Now, slide the magnet slowly across the safe and speak if you begin to hear the solenoid move. That’s how you can unlock your safe cabinet by using magnets. 


So that’s how you can unlock your lost safe cabinets easily. These methods are somehow tricky, but they can help you reopen your cabinets easily. For all those who have lost their keys and forgot their passcodes, now do not panic. These easy tactics will assets you in reopening your cabinets.

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